Truancy Volume 174: Lauer

This summer we’ll be heading to beautiful Tisno in Croatia for Love International’s second festival outing, and with the final lineup drawing to a lavish close this week, there’s a whole wave of debutants and familiar faces heading to the coastal hideaway along the Adriatic coastline. Past Truancy Volume mixers Ben UFO, Moxie and Palms Trax will all make the trip at the end of June, with fellow Truant favourites Job Jobse, Kornel Kovacs, Midland, Honey Dijon and much more all bound to one of the region’s most revered festivals. To get us in the summer and holiday mood, we’ve got another festival attendee in the mix for our 174th Truancy Volume.

A regular to esteemed labels such as Running Back, Live at Robert Johnson, Beats in Space and Permanent Vacation, Phillip Lauer may have a low-key online presence (with no Facebook, Twitter or Soundcloud), but his vast range of work under a host of different aliases and collaborations have solidified him as one of the scene’s most loved house producers. Melodic intricacies have been a staple in his productions over the course of a decade, with new wave, 80’s pop and balearic influences attributing to blissful summer-defining music.

His collaborative projects include Tuff City Kids (with Gerd Janson), Hotel Lauer (with his brother, Jacob), Arto Mwambe (with Christian Beißwenger), and more recently, an upcoming release with Tim Sweeney on Feel My Bicep under the name T&P (Tim & Phillip). The latter showcases Lauer’s apt for track defining synth-lines, but this time rolling out in a disco-tinged acid infusion. It’s a blossoming collab that follows up from a self released record on Sweeney’s own Beats In Space back in 2016. Outside of his work with other producers, Lauer also runs Brontosaurus, a label he set up with two friends in 2006 as an outlet for his own music and that of his friends. In terms of new music you can catch him on the Lifesaver 3 Compilation on LARJ with a new track called ‘Okinase’. Due for release on the 19th May it brings in all the regular label peers such as Orson Wells, Roman Fluegel, Fort Romeau and more. His Truancy Volume comes in at just over an hour, and with no surprises it’s a playful build of synth pop epics, day-glo arpeggios and chugging nu-disco anthems featuring music from Alexander Robotnick, Red Axes, Anthony Naples and Chris & Cosey. To perfect garden lounger to beach festival party starter it’s stacked with grandiose stretches and cooly dispensed melodic moments. If you loved our Truancy Volume from Bicep, this is a lovely little companion of a mix.

Lauer: Resident Advisor
Love International: WebsiteFacebook, Twitter

Catch Lauer playing Love International Festival in Tisno, Croatia from the 28th June – 5th July 2017


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