Premiere: Onirik – Universal Repairs

Onirik has been running Finest Hour Records with Pablo Tarno for the past few years, with a sparing release schedule that shows true quality control. Sharing his name with a black metal outfit, he in fact makes warm and textured house music, rich in feeling and deep with longing. His latest venture is a new label, Garage Hermetique, which he is inaugurating with Arvo’s Flight, just his third release. The title track is a giant work, some 13 minutes of floating house that seems prepared to drift off into space. On the flip are two darker cuts, the similarly extra-terrestrial Alpha Technauri and Universal Repairs, a jagged, chunky affair that squeals with phased claps and wavering synth lines. We’re delighted to bring you a premiere of that closing track, which is available to buy as of today. Look to the skies.

Onirik – Arvo’s Flight is out now to buy on Garage Hermetique

Aidan Hanratty

Dublin ...