Premiere: Guy Andrews – Spirit Ritual

Having tapped Guy Andrews for our 28th Truancy Volume in 2011 on the brink of his first Hemlock release, we’ve been following his career closely and excitedly. This looks to begin a new chapter with the release of his debut album Our Spaces, which shows his maturity as a producer. Produced over a period of two years during a time of reinvention, the album sees Andrews refocusing his style and his approach to production while also taking in influence from break-beat and industrial, to softer touches of electronica. The album finds a home on Fabric’s Houndstooth, whose recent releases from Snow Ghosts and Throwing Snow help set the tone for the sort of compositions and experimentation the album deals with. We were kindly asked to pick one of the tracks for an online premiere and having caught the private live album show at Fabric back in November, it was ‘Spirit Ritual’ that we felt captured the emotional and personal embodiment that Andrews talks about below, the most.

“The new album really encapsulates all my influences and production experiments, and fuses them together. I wrote the album without a label in mind, and when it was done Houndstooth just seemed like the absolute perfect fit. They’ve really helped me complete the aesthetic and put out a record I’m truly proud of. It’s different to what I’ve put out before, but I’m more confident that this work embodies much more emotion and personality than I’ve ever previously been able to express in my music.”

Guy Andrews – Our Spaces will be releases on Houndstooth on 04 March, 2016


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