Premiere: DJ Spider – Prophetic Technology (Volte-Face Remix)

After two records from head honcho Volte-Face, as well as a collaborative effort with Daniel Avery under the alias Rote, BleeD welcome a new artist to the roster for their fourth release. Not a newcomer to the scene by any means, DJ Spider has been serving up uncompromising yet heady music for years. His label Plan B Recordings, which he runs with past Truancy Volume mixer Dakini9, has established itself as one of the best outlets for house and techno in his home city of New York, which has also been vital in pushing his music across the Atlantic and into the hands of some of Europe’s counterparts. He’s found a regular home on labels such as The Trilogy Tapes, Killekill, Rekids and NORD over the past three years, so here’s hoping for possible more releases on BleeD . Titled the Burning Museum EP, DJ Spider describes the EP as a “representation of the loss of knowledge of mankind by the modern scientists who are destroying ancient texts in their attempt to erase history”. DJ Spider’s releases are often filled with themes of societal collapse, yet the content here fills wildly appropriate; gritty sound design meshed with dizzying rhythmic structures, coupled with an abundance of noise. With three originals on the release, Volte-Face comes through with a remix taking the most accessible track of the EP, “Prophetic Technology”, and running with its horn sample for a more grandiose and refined affair.

Dj Spider – Burning Museums EP is out on BleeD on the 29th April


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