Truancy Volume 132: Endian

With end of year lists slowly starting to trickle out, there’s one track in particular we find that’s absent from some of the bigger sites, despite having what could be considered a decent summer. Championed by both Joy Orbison and Scuba in each of their respected Essential mixes, snippets of new untitled Endian teased the notion that a follow up to his Electric Minds and NonPlus releases would be forthcoming in the near future. Having debuted on the Radio 1 airwaves in July 2014, it wasn’t till early May 2015 that the track got a name and a confirmed release date on London based label Secretsundaze. Titled “Finish Me” the track, would go on to become one of our favourite summer anthems (as mentioned here) and acquire a near-omnipresent status in clubs and at festivals up and down the country over the summer period, while still remaining in some way an underground sleeper-hit. We’d like to think the nod to his roots, and other revered alias, struck a chord or possibly two with all the jungle enthusiasts out there, as well as appealing to the house and techno crowd. While the A side explored more club-friendly territory with its melodic aspects and billowing breakdown, the B side’s “Dusty” and “Sub Tropics” provided a much more rooted warehouse affair; taking his technical skill and experience as Commix and and channeling it into the confines of 130BPM. His use of subtle melodies and pads, reminiscent of 90s jungle/drum and bass LPs have made for well received tracks like “Birdhouse” and “Two Chords Deep“, the latter being one of his early attempts at using a proper hardware setup to explore his techno and house productions, and arguably still one of his best tracks.

With three years in between his last release on NonPlus, George is quick to mention over an email chat that his selective process is definitely a deliberate one; only being prepared to release music he’s 100% happy with, and if it takes him a few years between releases to put music out, so be it. Having been making and releasing mainly one genre of music for more than 10 years we can understand his trepidation at wanting to take a new venture with small steps. Despite this, 2015 has seen him more comfortable than ever, following up the Finish Me EP with a release on Trevino’s Birdie label, taking the Endian alias further on the road and recording his first ever studio mix as Endian for this very site. Describing the mix himself as danceable and upfront, his Truancy Volume has been a long time coming and there have been a few different iterations; highlighting his commitment in perfecting and taking whatever time it takes to reach something he’s truly happy with. With two brand new Endian tracks featured in the mix, George mentions that in the midst of expanding and developing his studio next year, he also has plans to put out a lot more music; be it on labels he’s released on in the past, as well as a couple of new ones.


Imre Kiss – Sweet Cheery Soul
Alan Fitzpatrick – Vanishing
Nick Sinna – Sidewinder
Spencer Parker – Silly Club Song 4
Shlomi Aber – Street Works
Martyn – EF40
Endian  – Dusty
Fred P – Splitting Particles
Delano Smith – Tales Of Two Cities (Tobias Remix)
Ryan Elliot – Smith Lake
Endian  – Global
Nicson & AN Gelo – Freek
Darkpole – Kaplan
Kassem Mosse – Untitled
Dax J – Devine Right
1800 Haight Street – 111
Kirill Mamin – Cutting
Kassem Mosse – No Peace No Love No Unity
Endian – Basement
Martyn – U1-U8
Arpanet – The Analyst




Endian: Soundcloud, Facebook, Twitter

Matt Gibney