Truancy Volume 130: A Made Up Sound

By now, an artist as celebrated and established in the scene as Dave Huismans needs little to no questioning on why any record he puts out is a straight in the bag purchase. Be it under A Made Up Sound or 2562, the last ten years have seen Huismans deliver some of the most uncompromising and unconventional records to grace clubs and headphones the world over. As A Made Up Sound, his currently most active project, his take on house and techno has seen him filter between labels such as Delsin, The Trilogy Tapes and his own self-titled label.

Tracks like “Take The Plunge (Beat Mix)” and “Endgame” excel way beyond what could ever be considered a ballsy production – rather, they are curveballs in the greatest possible sense. This year Dave’s kept busier than ever – dropping the third instalment in his Archive 12″s for Clone Basement Series, collaborating with Dynamo Dreesen and SVN for the 20th release on Acido Records, and dropping remixes for Koehler & Kuno and Asusu. To top that all off, the new double pack of releases on his own label features one of the stand out tracks of the year for us -“Half Hour Jam On A Borrowed Synth”. Taking A Made Up Sound in exciting new beatless territory, we’ve been told the track got a huge reaction when the Hessle trio dropped this at Free Rotation and it’s been known to start off Dekmantel sets in brilliant fashion too.

As someone we’ve been wanting get to in for a very long time, we’re thrilled to be sharing a new mix from A Made Up Sound for our Truancy Volume series. Featuring a ton of unreleased and forthcoming music from fellow producers such as Minor Science, Peverelist and Anthony Naples, our 130th Truancy Volume clocks in at 25 tracks for an hour an a half session. On the mix, Dave himself says: “It’s a bit of a slow burner. When I record a mix at home or play on radio I enjoy using the opportunity to start at lower tempos and draw for tracks that I don’t usually get around to playing on a club night at peak time, then gradually increase the pace from there. There’s some new and recent things I like, along with quite a few older favorites I rediscovered going through my record shelves with this mix in mind and wanted to show to people who may not have heard them the first time around. I didn’t go for a particular theme or anything, but listening back I noticed the mix keeps going back and forth between dark and light, and between dense and breathing. So I guess contrast is the name of the game.”


A Thunder Orchestra – Shall I Do It? (Bio Rhythm)
Ryota OPP – Zombie Boogie (Meda Fury)
San Proper & Steven De Peven – Pam Pam (Rush Hour)
Randomer – Bell Jam  (L.I.E.S)
Pev & Kowton – Junked 2 (Unreleased)
Terre’s Neu Wuss Fusion – A Crippled Left Wing Soars With The Right
​(DJ Sprinkles Steal This Record Club Mix) (Skylax)
Sala – Mythos Tales (Unreleased)
Drvg Cvltvre – Where Embers Die  (Forthcoming Pinkman)
Gez Varley – Violator (TP Heckmann remix) (edit) (Force Inc)
Insync & If – MASP (Mark Broom remix) (Plink Plonk)
Mio Mio – B (Proibito)
The Maghreban – Wonder Woman (Versatile)
Titonton Duvante – The Pleasure (Residual)
MM/KM – B1 (Forthcoming TTTPalace)
Anthony Naples – Smacks (Forthcoming Proibito)
Visit Venus – Planet Of The Breaks (Herbert remix) (Yo Mama’s)
Nick Holder Presents Fruit Loops – The Message Is Love (edit) (Definitive)
? – ? (Whitelabel)
Nubian Mindz – Montage (Archive)
Neuropolitique – Wide (New Electronica)
Tessela – Swimming (Unreleased)
Batu – Void (Unreleased)
Pev – Grit (Forthcoming Livity Sound)
Chevel – Loop #42 (Minor Science Remix) (Forthcoming Stroboscopic Artefacts)




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