Truancy Volume 122: Cindy Looper

We are very excited to share with you the latest Truancy Volume, by Hamburg-based DJ Cindy Looper. A resident at the famous and much-beloved Golden Pudel Club, her DJ sets and mixes are evidence of an adventurous and ever-curious selector. Here she weaves together industrial, electro, acid and some – to borrow a phrase, “emotional bangers” into a compelling set brimming with personality. One can easily imagine these sounds reverberating around the magical little wooden building overlooking Hamburg’s docks. As well as kindly providing us with a great mix, Cindy Looper spoke about her background and approach to music and DJing and what she has been up to recently.

What is your background in music and how did you start DJing? How did your residency at Golden Pudel in Hamburg come about? I got into club culture through my work at different bars and clubs in Hamburg. After joining an artist collective ( that also hosts a monthly night at Golden Pudel Club, a colleague asked me to play a few records. I started DJing as DJ Reisebüro a few years ago and after digging through a lot of different styles and decades I built a crate for a more serious approach as Cindy Looper.”

I had the fortune to catch you play an excellent warm-­up set last summer there and it managed to be exciting and energetic and yet also subtle ­ an excellent tone­-setter for the rest of the night. So, how do you approach your sets? Do you prefer early slots? There is actually no set time I prefer. But if I play sets in Hamburg or at Pudel I like playing late. So I can play doom metal, kassierer and 80s stuff in the very end. I usually prepare my sets kind of carefully but start out spontaneously depending on my mood and/or the setting.”

You recently played at the Noise Manifesto party in Berlin organised by Paula Temple. How was your experience of the night? And how do you view and relate to the concept of the label/collective? It was just great to witness all the amazing artists perform and I was very excited about the night. The idea behind Noise Manifesto makes sense to me, considering all the empty space between big names and bad music nowadays. To focus on tracks and combine it with a strong statement feels right to me.”

Finally, what was the idea behind your mix? I try to create a specific sound for every new mix and set based upon my standards.”

Plant43 – The Coldest Rule
Silent Servant – Speed And Violence
Broken English Club – Divinity
Exaltics – Fallen Planet
Drvg Cvltvre – Labradoodle
Cardopusher – Mouthwash Acid
Silent Servant – Cut Unconcious
El_Txef_A – Neurotransmitters Communication
Luke Vibert – Halloween
Andreas Gehm – Shake Your Acid
Helena Hauff – Accidie
Chicago Shags – Schoolbus
Fah – Dont Wait For The Planets

Eradj Yakubov

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