Recommended: F.T.F. – 000666

Tape Archive have quietly been sharing murky, anonymous techno on YouTube for some time now: abstract oddities like the undefined gone with the noise (part1) and floral party numbers like DJ G.O’s sorrylarry. For their first foray into the physical world of objects, they’ve put together three tracks from F.T.F. — another mysterious techno project, but one we’ll forgive on account of the high quality of the tracks on offer. Three jams, each offering different delights, while operating in roughly the same sphere — atmospheric, emotive, somehow both earthy and ethereal.

“Untitled 01” is direct and plaintive, with unvarnished percussive lines bolstering its wailing synths and on-beat stabs, minor melodies paving the way for the mood of the release. Energetic yet wistful, with unrelenting pace that leaves room for tears. The slightly slower “Untitled 02” takes time to grow, sliding percussion slapping back and forth before its central emotive synth melody comes to the fore. This one comes with a video, a study in repetition focusing on a single pedestrian passed by innumerable skaters. There’s something forlorn in it, an interminable mundanity that’s matched by the dour, unchanging chords that hover sadly throughout the track. The longest of the bunch, B-side “Untitled 02”, is dank with longing, a squelching mid-range driving things through while pipes reminiscent of the work of Palms Trax lend bittersweet effervescence. The whole release could come from the hands of that Truancy Volume contributor, but for two things: the release lacks the joyous whoosh of his work, remaining slightly maudlin throughout; it wouldn’t make sense for him to drop an anonymous release at this point in his career. Who knows. It’s a solid record, and the label is taking an interesting approach to modern techno.

F.T.F. – 000666 is out now on Tape Archive

Aidan Hanratty

Dublin ...