Premiere: Maejor Ft. Jeremih – Get You Alone (Florentino Remix)

We were first made aware of Florentino only recently. Pretty much an unknown entity, he played his debut show earlier in the month at Truants’ favourite Swing Ting as a special guest. We’d also heard his remix of Maejor and Jeremih’s ‘Get You Alone’ on Bok Bok’s excellent Fader mix. It’s easy to see why it caught his ear – it’s a joyous summer twist on the original, giving it a distinctly Latino vibe but the percussive sounds and effects mean it’s not something that feels out of place in a club in the UK. It’s also had support from a host of other favourites such as Kingdom, Girl Unit and Murlo. We’re pleased to be able to premiere the track in full as well as provide you a little more information about the Manchester-based producer who was kind enough to answer a few brief questions about what he does.

Hey Florentino! You recently played your debut show at Swing Ting, what kind of music can we expect in a Florentino set? “A lot of my own music. A lot of latino flavour. A lot of percussion. Music that’s made to make you move.”

We’re loving the edit of Get You Alone you’ve provided us with, what would you say would be the main influences behind your productions? “My family are my main source of influence. Shouts to my cousins, Florentino wouldn’t exist without them. I’m half Colombian, half English so it’s got a lot to do with those two worlds coming together and my interpretation of that. There are many other influences outside of that but that’s at the centre of it.

Can we expect some more material from you in the near future? “Of course, ya tu sabes!”

Antoin Lindsay