Premiere: Dan Beaumont – Spirit Talkin’ (Patrik Sjeren Remix)

Time management may well be a particular skill that London-based Dan Beaumont has successfully grasped and mastered over the years. As well as being the mind behind setting up clubs Dance Tunnel and Dalston Superstore – two of East’s most ventured nightclubs – he’s found time in the last year to focus on Chapter 10, a night he runs with Charlie Porter and Morgan Clements. If past experiences are anything to go by, we highly recommend bookmarking October’s event if you want a chance at seeing Fiedel, Mike Servito, Lakuti and Jacob Meehan run the speakers at Corsica. Dan Beaumont and Charlie Porter will also be on resident duties, which means a possibility of hearing some of Dan’s own No Fit State and Work Them Records productions.

Released back in July in time for the summer festival season, the latter saw Dan Beaumont lay down a fluid drum pattern over Patti LaBelle’s glorious vocals from ‘The Spirit’s In It’. With Spencer Parker wanting to put it out on Work Them, you can imagine the sort of club friendly track we’re dealing with. Fast-forward a couple of months and we’re getting the Spirit Dubbin remix package, featuring a stripped-down “Workdub” from Parker and two other interpretations from J-Dubs (Jamie Fry) and Patrik Sjeren. Having recently made a production comeback of sorts after a lengthy hiatus, seeing Sjeren’s name on any record at the moment automatically piques interest, so we jumped at the opportunity to be premiering the remix in its entirety. Here he drops the vocals completely, focusing and drawing out that subtle chord from the original and adding his own atmospheric take with the drums and claps.


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