Seven Plays V

For Seven Plays, each week one of our contributors will keep a personal music diary for seven days, then hands the feature over to another Truant at the end of the week. The idea is to keep sharing great music with our readers, but with a more individual touch than our more objective posts and reviews. Our latest installment comes courtesy of  Koyejo Oloko, journeying through punk, psychedelia, proto grime and more.


Tuesday : Bad Brains – Re-ignition (SST Records)

“‘Good morning Vietnam. Hey, this is not a test. This is rock and roll.’ When looking back at my choices for the feature this classic line by the late Robin Williams kept ringing off in my head. My commentary is of no comparison to Williams’ Oscar-nominated performance but, to me, these songs are. My selections were inspired by a lengthy conversation I was having with selector extraordinaire, Emmet Keane of Creation. Talking graphics, Jodorowsky and H.R Giger, Winston Smith and Dead Kennedys – I was reminded of my naive introduction to the band and punk as a whole in 1999 – riding around as Kareem Campbell, subliminally hypnotised by Eastbay Ray’s guitar licks and Jello Biafra’s madly animated voice. His brilliantly damning lyrics in “Police Truck” went straight over my nine-year-old head, I was too busy finding all the hidden videotapes, but the song always stuck with me. Conspiracists claim that the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater soundtrack sonically groomed many young and impressionable children for imminent takeover of Nu Metal and they could be right. However, through Mos Defs eye-opening “Rock n Roll” off  Black on Both Sides, released later that same year, I discovered Bad Brains. He gave me confirmation that this heavy music I was into at the time wasn’t just noise like my old man claimed because a) he name-checked them and b) other black people made it – thereby making it okay for me to listen to it. Funny how your mind works at that age.”


Wednesday : A.R Kane – Lolita (4AD) 

“After a long night spent listening to unrelenting hardcore music – I need this : ‘Lolita is a gorgeous haze that slowly enfolds the body, turning your nerves to frost. A lullaby split apart at the seams by a column of noise, a crystal spire veering up into the heavens’ – what a description from Simon Reynolds! My usual choice would have been Dreaming of You by A Guy Called Gerald but this time I turned to this band, A.R Kane, who I discovered through deeper investigation into Robin Guthrie of the Cocteau Twins. I love this song so much because it says everything I want to but can’t.”

Thursday : Nana Love – Hang On (BBE)

“In preparation for a night of disco courtesy of Skream and free expensive liquor, I play this track from a rare and insanely expensive LP. At least it was rare until it was repressed earlier this year by BBE. It surfaced in 2010 on a compilation entitled Lagos Disco Inferno on Academy LPs after it was unearthed by the relic hunter Frank Gossner of the amazing Voodoo Funk blog. Fifteen minutes of raw funk featuring (amongst others) the legendary Nigerian musician Harry Mosco. Also, whenever I’ve been needing something funky I’ve been turning to Julien Love. He has supposedly got a record coming on Jay Simon’s Must Have records but he has proven himself time and time again to be a myth, so don’t hold your breath.”


Friday : Blackstreet  – If You Need A Fix ft Ol’ Dirty Bastard and Slash (Interscope Records)

“This time next week I’m DJing at a tribute night for Wu-Tang’s Blunted Sultan aka Big Box o’Chilli aka Peanut the Kidnapper aka Ol’ Dirty Bastard. I returned from my quest to the 36 chambers successful with this boon to bestow on to the kids. This really was another level!”

Saturday : Charles Mingus – The Chill of Death (Columbia Records)

“People like to put on happy music to help ease their hangover. I choose to sink myself into its abyss with the help of this poem, written by Mingus at the age of 17. The tale –  a journey to the underworld that brings him face to face with the devil. Before I made a deal with him to end the pain my iTunes played this incredible gospel song, the powerful voice of my Hawaiian angel Pauline Wilson of Seawind instantly pulling me back. That was followed by this Kanye-produced number from Scarface’s classic album The Fix. It was a sign.”


Sunday : Top Drawer – Song of a Sinner (Wish Bon)

“Repentance & Rebirth: I heard this gem on the #NoInstagram show on Know-Wave radio hosted by Tremaine Emory aka Denim Tears and Acyde of We Are Shining. Discussing contemporary cultural matters and playing everything from obscure library records to the latest offerings in hip hop –  it’s always an interesting listen. This songs set the perfect tone for a few moments of reflection about the weekend’s antics and the state of my life in general. Arsenal lost again today. Wenger, when are you going to sign Nines?!”

Monday : Ginuwine – Little Man’s Bangin’ Lude (550 Music)

Grime is back in the spotlight for better or for worse. Tinchy Stryder has gone from a collaboration with the Chuckle Brothers to entering I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out of Here! Stryderman really is trying to spread his web far and wide . This is ‘Grime’ from ’99 produced by none other than Timbaland. The impact on the Ruff Sqwad is so clear.”

Tuesday : Rochelle Jordan – There You Go

“Rochelle Jordan released her debut album  1021 today. Wake up people! I get it. Everyone’s hypnotised by Twigs and Tinashe but just peep this – you won’t be disappointed. I promise.

Koyejo Oloko