Recommended: Spike – Orange Cloud Nine

Reissues, and the dawning age of the Internet have made it slightly less challenging for our generation to find lost classics and hidden gems. Record labels and blogs have made it easy, yet exciting for record buyers and fans to purchase them, many of which, would have virtually gone unnoticed 20 years ago. Labels such as Light In The Attic, Numero Group, Now and Again and a slew of others are dropping essential records from shut-ins and forgotten or fallen artists. Golf Channel recently took time away from their onslaught of electronic releases to put out an incredible LP worth of music from a Dutch recluse known as Spike, aka Spike Wolters. The label, run by Phil South who worked with Redlight Records boss Agel Nagenast on the release, delivered a incredible compilation. The reissue, Orange Cloud Nine, was predated with two 12″s, New Germany and Magic Table, both featuring a remix from DJ Nature and Thomas Bullock.

Spike Wolters and his story as a political rule-breaker, and admitted stoner (admitting to using a healthy dose of hash and weed, almost every day of his life), is intriguing and as off-kilter as you would expect. Wolters seemingly wrote several albums (four to be exact), tucked away from the world using an array of machines, guitars, and other sounds. The compilation, Orange Cloud Nine, compiles some of his best material which were originally released in the 80’s on his own label, Spike Records. Spike and his hazy, cosmic approach crosses the line between alternative folk and a poppy, softer, Syd Barret era Pink Floyd. The albums were written in the early 80’s but now sound seemingly like something we can hear from hipster freak kids trying to channel Dylan from their bedroom. Songs like “Goodnight”, “Your Time Has Come” and “Kanti Dundum” sound like perfect radio hits from the late 70’s while other tracks lean towards the more experimental and offbeat. The song that resonates most with us has to be, “Your Time Has Come”, which is passionate and amazing on its own; a standout track for us. Records like Orange Cloud Nine are rare, and while lately our musical tastes are more in line with a Young Thug mixtape, the ease and magical sounds of this record are not to be missed.

Stream: Spike- Orange Cloud Nine (Golf Channel)

Orange Cloud Nine, is out now and be on the lookout for a entire remix album coming sooner rather then later.

Matt Lutz