Premiere: Moist Ghost / The Range – Call Me Up / Over You

If you can pry yourself away from the World Cup on TV tonight (as I write this Arjen Robben actually just scored to take the Netherlands 2-1 up against Spain so we understand if you can’t) we’ve got something interesting for you. Tuff Wax, the Aberdeen/ Brighton based label, are back on the scene and this time it’s a doozie. They return to the 7″ format for a split release between Atlanta’s Moist Ghost (Astro Nautico, Tuff Wax) and Providence’s The Range (Donky Pitch, Astro Nautico).

Moist Ghost… You’re probably cringing, we know, we know, but if you give it a minute you’ll see Tuff Wax have come up with the goods again. If you sidestep a slightly shudder inducing name (and we recommend you do) you’ll find one Sam Wilhoit and his ear for a subtlety; his agitated and somewhat restless sample coupled with a ghostly (sorry) synthscapes make “Call Me” an atmospheric experience. Then you’ve got The Range, a Truancy Volume veteran himself. His Ashanti sample in “Over You” is addictive, and if you’re a real fan you’ll recognise this from his volume back in November. His production, like always, is on point and these two tracks sit comfortably alongside each other. Jaw Jam and Grobbie, past Tuff Wax affiliates, sneak in on a remix flex providing off-kilter and grime-centric examples of beautifully produced tracks. Wrap your ears around the exclusives below.

Stream: Moist Ghost – Call Me Up / The Range ‘Over you’ (Tuff Wax) 

Moist Ghost – Call Me Up / The Range ‘Over you’ split 7″ is available from the Tuff Wax bandcamp on the 30th June.

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  1. thought ‘over you’ was by shoulda…i remember asking the range about a track id for it a while back?

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