Recommended: The Artist Formerly Known As 19.454. – Spadesdance

19.454. is a man of few words. Well, technically this release is credited to The Artist Formerly Known As 19.454. but we’ll just go ahead drop the prefix for now. The moniker was bestowed upon him (we’re pretty sure it’s a him at least) by Horizontal Ground, a label that until recently only released records via coded aliases. 19.454. might be a prolific producer with a web of names or just a fellow keen to keep a low profile. The jury is out for now. Anyway we’re here to talk about his latest 12″, so we’ll leave the mystery for another day. Released on Clone’s self explanatory Jack For Daze sub-label “Spadesdance” is a slice of pumping house. Like a Relief record produced with Berghain in mind. Recent entries have come from unexpected contributors such as L-Vis 1990 and Roman Flügel who successfully mixed their own style with the jackin’ formula. 19.454.’s stripped down take is a perfect edition to the catalog.

All three cuts are more suited for a sweltering warehouse than a casual evening at home but the the “Original Mix” sets a truly blistering pace. Really, there are only a handful elements at play. Hard kicks, sharp snares and a hypnotic sample are joined by a single animated synth to create a beast of a track. The first “Serge & Tyrell Remix” slows things down a bit without altering too much. It’s an effective move though, the bass line that flew by originally takes on a rhythmic character of it’s own. “Serge & Tyrell’s Space Dat Dub” switches it up a little. The high hats are livelier, the kicks louder resulting in a more manic take on the original. With this little purple vinyl (yes it’s purple) the Clone crew has released another excellent tribute to the heyday of Midwestern dance music.

Stream: 19.454. – SPADESDANCE Preview  (Jack For Daze)

19.454. – Spadesdance 12″ is out now on Jack For Daze.

Stephanie Neptune

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