Recommended: Musk – Take Me Higher / A Visible Action Of Life

Berlin duo Musk debuted recently with a handful of self released twelves. Their initial cuts trafficked in raw disco but this latest record skips a little farther down the timeline, landing right in the second summer of love. While their releases are currently only available on vinyl (with great art to boot), Musk know the score and stream many of their tunes in full on their youtube channel. Side A, “Take Me Higher”, is a bouncing track that emulates Ron Hardy-era house without cribbing it wholesale. There’s a lot going on, cowbells and all, rooted by a steady and powerful bassline. We speak from experience when we say that it’s primal vocal, a male/female call and response (drawn from the same sample) is killer on a dark dancefloor.

Stream: Musk – Take Me Higher (LGDZ)

The flip side is the real gem, more AA than B. The title “A Visible Action Of Life” is taken from the voice that weaves in and out of the entire track. We won’t reveal the source of the sample – that ruins the fun, but its selection contains more substance and relevance than the standard pitched down self-help records that make their way onto dance records. The rest of the track is lead along by a buoyant 303 bassline and languid, crunchy kicks. It’s a solid cut of sunrise acid. In only a few releases, Musk prove they can produce tunes that draw from classic styles but steer clear of pastiche territory.

Stream: Musk – A Visible Action Of Life (LGDZ)

Musk’s Take Me Higher / A Visible Action Of Life is available now from LGDZ.

Stephanie Neptune

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