Recommended: Les Sins – Grind / Prelims

Chaz Bundick occasionally takes off the hat in which Toro y Moi resides in favor of one more dance music oriented (let’s say a neon beanie or something.) We were acquainted with Les Sins through last year’s “Fetch / Taken”, which was also released through Caribou’s Jiaolong. Bundick has cited UK dance music icons such as Four Tet, Caribou, and the Hessle Audio crew as some of his current favorites and it showed in the final result. “Fetch” could easily draw comparisons to a twisted Julio Bashmore or subtly mutated garage. He even pulled a grime sample from across the pond during the track’s breakdown. For “Grind / Prelims” he lets a bit more of his pop sensibilities into the fold. They may not be at the heart of the track, but it’s definitely wearing a shirt drenched in them.

This record is undoubtedly about the A-side, “Grind” – it’s the most accessible and upbeat of the two. It takes a page or two from Bundick’s usual book sounding more live than the average house track. With a constant stutter built off the kick and guitar licks the synthesizers and Rhodes are just an added bonus. It’s safe to say Bundick himself sang the vocals on this track and that’s one of the major appeals to it. His voice adds another layer to an already catchy tune. We can see this one going down extremely well toward the end of many sets. However, B-sides don’t seem to be his strong suit. “Prelims” sounds a bit like a stripped back Caribou knockoff, especially with the harps and snake-like shakers. There’s almost too much UK influence on this one and after such a strong dance-orientated A-side this is a shocker. Still, it’s worth picking up this record for “Grind” alone – it’s one of those tunes that people will be thinking about when reliving moments from the night.

Stream: Les Sins – Grind / Prelims (Jiaolong)

Les Sins’ Grind / Prelims is available now on Jiaolong.

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