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Hailing from the sleepy little town of Pensacola, Florida, Kodak to Graph first cropped up on our radar a few years ago with “I keep Holding On“, a tune sampling Jackson 5’s ‘I’ll be there’, and pulling on all those post-dubstep / Burial vibes and ghostly vocals that we love so much. Having kept an eye on him ever since, it’s been really lovely to see an artist really grow and hone their sound with every new release like Michael Maleki, the man behind Kodak to Graph, has. Producing a plethora of ambient electronic music over the past year Michael has managed to craft a sound that is so dream-like and shimmeringly sweet, that it’s not surprising he’s gained a good amount of loyal listeners; for it seems that once hooked, you’re easily reeled in. “Rakshasa” is the next monthly instalment Michael releases through the label Bad Panda Recordsa label believing that “we can carry a free culture into the twenty-first century, without artists losing and without the potential of digital technology being destroyed”. Seems idealistic, but we’re not here debating Creative Commons or their manifesto, we’re here to showcase some of the brilliant new music they’re backing and thank them for making it freely downloadable on both Bad Panda Records’ and Kodak to Graph’s Soundcloud pages.

Stream: Kodak to Graph – Rakshasa (feat. Monsoonsiren) (Bad Panda Records)

After releasing “Departure” on Bad Panda Records last month, a track that was so ambient-ly relaxed in its style with only the faintest hint of trap, and that featured the ethereal and distorted sound of Imogen Heap’s ‘Just For Now’, it could be said that his movement and growth in the creating of “Rakshasa” is a perfect progression. Like in past productions, Kodak to Graph stays true to his style and pays special attention to detailed layering and luscious melodies, and even tips to an Middle Eastern influence, which seems actually pretty fitting considering the title “Rakshasa” is apparently said to mean a “mythological humanoid being or unrighteous spirit” in Hinduism. It seems almost wrong then that the beginning of the track is the opposite of “unrighteous”, it’s peaceful, and holy-like in its crescendo. It’s not until the last minute where the title of the track becomes apparent, sampling Harvey Stripes “Dolly On That Molly” ft Juicy J, does it arrive at a somewhat gritty counterpart of its beginning. It would seem this new direction could have been helped along by Nathan Menon, a young producer from Bengaluru, India going by the name of Monsoonsiren, who features alongside Kodak to Graph on this new release. We’re eagerly anticipating the next release from Kodak to Graph, so whilst we wait, here’s his latest Mirror Lock EP to wrap your ears around, and if that isnt enough, head over to Soundcloud and check out Isle, Michael Maleki’s less sample-based sound working with a full band and input from multiple individuals. Why would you not?

Stream: Mirror Lock EP – Kodak to Graph (Bad Panda Records)

Releases from Kodak to Graph are freely downloadable from his Soundcloud and Bad Panda Records.

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