Recommended: Hivern Edits #2

While John Talabot has seen a ton of love in 2012 thanks to his debut album, his hometown label Hivern Discs has managed to stay mostly in the shadows. The Barcelona-based label has spent the past five years carving out a niche for itself in the electronic music world that has been, up till now, relatively devoid of Spanish influence. Label boss Uri & the gang (Talabot, Pional, Aster, Kresy, Stainboy and Mouseup) maintain an excellent blog, often writing about their love for forgotten house classics and dusty disco jams. Their “Hivern Edits” series has helped to bring some of those to light. HivEd001, released a little more than a year ago, saw John Talabot and Nitsa Club resident Marc Piñol repurpose two tracks, with Talabot’s refix of Terrance Tee’s “She’s a Party Girl” really shining.

Stream: TB – Invitation to Love (Hivern Discs) 

For the second edition, TB (most likely Talabot under a pseudonym) and Piñol have turned their focus towards the sounds of 80’s television cult classics and la Movida Madrileña. Talabot has set his sights on Angelo Badalamenti’s “Laura Palmer’s Theme” from the soundtrack to David Lynch’s Twin Peaks. “Invitation to Love” preserves all the haunting beauty of the original but takes the track off the deep end, making it something you can’t help but move to. In turn, Piñol has chosen the sounds of the 80’s Spanish art house film Arrebato by Ivan Zulueta. Borrowing a monologue from the film and the title, “Arrebato” sees Piñol deftly weaving synths every which way to create an acid slow burner that sounds like it belongs on an old Trax Records 12”. While the tracks stand quite well on their own, the edits themselves are special also for their focus on a specific theme and anthropological value. La Movida during the late 70’s and 80’s in Spain represented the emergence of a new Spanish identity, a Spain free from the cultural strangulation that Francisco Franco had imposed for almost 40 years. These two are available only on a limited, 10” hand-screened vinyl for obvious sample-clearance reasons so grab them while you still can. Perhaps you could even write about them for your anthropology class.

Stream: Marc Piñol – Arrebato (Hivern Discs) 

Hivern Edits #2 is available now from The Hivern Discs webstore.

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