Recommended: Glenn Jackson – Morning Swim EP

On first listen, if you thought Glenn Jackson’s “Morning Swim” EP sounded like it came from a certain Spanish coastal city starting with a B, you wouldn’t be too far off. The producer hails from what many like to call the Barcelona of the US, also known as the Bay Area. Though it’s his first release under his own name, Jackson is by no means a new-comer. He’s co-heads the West in Dust label and has also put out a number of one off tunes including a remix for Shortcircles over the past year. The EP will be Brooklyn-based Ceremony Recording’s ninth release and its peculiar mix of sun-faded, piano house couldn’t come at a better time.

Just as winter’s chill is beginning to thaw, the uplifting warmth of Jackson’s “Morning Swim” will help to speed up the process. The opening and title track “Morning Swim” layers tribal drums and synths to create an infectious slow burner that will no doubt have you tapping your foot. It’s something that would sound right at home on London-based label Scucci Manucci. “Save” slows things down a bit and takes us into more solemn territory with glitchy piano and reverb that remain cautiously optimistic. Closing track “You Too” is where Jackson really shines, pulling out all the stops. Three minutes of building give way to a triumphant snare and some deep house goodness. Jackson’s deft synth execution on “You Too” might even garner some comparisons to fellow Bay Area producer Tycho.

It’s tough to put a finger on what exactly about Jackson’s music makes you feel good. John Talabot, another artist you might compare Glenn Jackson to, has referenced Barcelona’s warm climate in the past as something that affects his musical output. Hot weather combined with no air conditioning forces musicians to produce during the darker, colder months during the winter. Fortunately for us, Jackson makes his home in Oakland whose summers are similar if not a bit more mild than Barcelona’s even though they differ in just four degrees of latitude. We’re secretly pulling for Jackson to move over to San Francisco because there’s no telling what its notoriously grey and foggy summers would do for his productions. Be sure to check out his recent mix for Impose Magazine’s ‘Friday Night’ series here.

Stream: Glenn Jackson – Morning Swim EP (Ceremony)

Glenn Jackson’s Morning Swim EP is available now on Ceremony Recordings.

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