Recommended: DJ F – Transformación EP

We’re at the end of the first month of 2013, and for some of us here at Truants HQ it was a slightly hectic one to say the least. Now that we’ve sobered up and started meeting deadlines again, we’re on the lookout for sounds that soothe our ears, minds and bodies. “Transformación“, the latest release from talented Spaniard DJ F, is exactly the kind of aural balm we need. Apparently, Señor F has been in the game for twenty years, releasing under the name Ideograma as well as ‘F’, but has only come to our attention with this release on A Harmless Deed. No matter – better late than never. “Transformación” was definitely worth the wait, too. The eponymously titled lead track on the release is seven minutes of ambient tech that float by like a whispered sweet nothing, opening with the kind of little bubbles that almost always indicate something super smooth is cooking. The track gradually develops into a languorous, almost lazy collection of melodies, the kind of sounds that you’d put on after walking home to the sunrise and finally climbing into bed. It’s soft, but has more than enough edge to hold your attention over the curvature of its seven minute groove. This isn’t your grandad’s easy listening, but it’s definitely conducive to relaxation, whilst still managing to be a really interesting trip.

Stream: DJ F – Transformación (A Harmless Deed)

On the flipside we’re treated to “Preludio” and “First Love“. The first is a return to beginnings, an episodic ode to the charms of early 90s ambient, whilst the second ups the tempo from a slow-motion shuffle to a head-nodding bounce. Never demanding too much spirit from your dancing muscles but a nice little shaker nonetheless, “First Love” is catalysed by a change in direction halfway through its journey, finding an elemental energy from the mutedly frantic breakdown that sits at its centre. “Transformación” begins by soothing your aching bones but ends with tempting you back onto the dancefloor, which is a nice little twist to such a lush piece of work. If you like what you hear, and as Truants readers with excellent taste we’re sure you will, check out a mix by DJ F here, which also features more original material from the main man himself. Just don’t expect us to go this easy on you all the time.

DJ F’s Transformación is available February 4th on A Harmless Deed.

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