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As those of you with a keen ear may already know, C2C are in no way an ‘emerging’ act of 2013, they are however one to catch up with if you don’t already know them. Hailing from Nantes in the north of France, turntable quartet C2C consist of beat masters DJ Green and 20Syl (also found in the jazz-rap collective Hocus Pocus), and DJs Atom and Pfel (Beat Torrent). After meeting at school the four developed their own unique styles; Hocus Pocus releasing a gold certified album on Motown and Beat Torrent can boast about being one of the most popular acts on the French electronic scene. Even so, these guys never stopped collaborating and featuring each other, and in 2011, finally reunited to produce their first album. They called their story: ‘A story built from scratch’. Now, scratch DJing can be an acquired taste, and may send some of you running for the hills but not just yet guys. Scratching is so beautifully and artfully integrated into their music that it becomes fun and easy to listen to; the turntable really does become an instrument. Their style of creating and producing lets you listen to a song over and over and hear a different universe each time. The playful but incredibly precise sets, the intoxicating jazzy tunes, and the technical dexterity means that “Tetra” is an acrobatic, atmospheric, and distinctive album to listen to.

Stream: C2C – Down The Road (Onandon Records)

“Tetra” has certain qualities: the sound is pleasant, sometimes (but not overly) dissonant, and scattered with just the right amount of heavy bass. “Down The Road” kickstarts the album in a stylish fashion after the piano and electric bass-driven march of “The Cell“. As the lead single it starts with a blues guitar riff only to lurch effortlessly into cleverly worked vocals and harmonica melodies. Arguably, one of the easiest tracks of the album comes in the form of “F.U.Y.A”  (which has a video worth checking out) and sort of reminds us of a few Ratatat tracks with their catchy minimalist melodies and slow, deep rhythms. The brilliant production and difference in tracks like “Give Up The Ghost” and “Happy”  shows just how diverse the quartet’s album really is and gives an audience a varied, but logical listen. C2C have made their music wonderfully accessible; proven by the sheer amount of love they have already received in France and a Public Choice Award at the 2013 European Border Breakers Awards recently; the four look to be widening their fan base. It may not be to everyone’s taste but it would a crime to miss or dismiss a relatively easy going album.

Stream: C2C – F.U.Y.A (Onandon Records)

C2C – Tetra is now available at Onandon Records (Vinyl) or (Digital)

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