Truancy Volume 50: Timnah Sommerfeldt

For our 50th Truancy Volume we wanted to take stock in our values in what we have built here at TRUANTS for the past few years and stay true to the artists we hold dear the most. Our Truancy Volume series is something we hope you all love as much as we do, each and every time we receive a mix we are held by excitement. When we took the task of choosing someone to take charge of this landmark it was no different: Timnah Sommerfeldt, an artist who has been able to capture our imagination with her true talent in production and DJing in equal measure, a Truancy Compilation alumni who has delved into her crates to produce what we deem one of our finest volumes to date.

Timnah’s output as a producer has continuously impressed, there is a depth and honesty throughout her body of work that isn’t commonly found these days. Due to this it wasn’t long until we had asked her to take part in our second Truancy Compilation, in which she actually contributed two tracks. One as herself and the other as a e which is a collaborative alias. Concerning her productions there has been no end to the highlights that this year has brought when we look back from this point. Enterbt Records’ “Mini Sampler EP Two Pt. 2” featured her own re-mixed 2009 release “Feel Me Up” which builds a perfect blend of bold groove, smooth vocal samples. Yet a more telling sign of art direction is in the string of productions that have surface in the past year which are filled with an overriding noir emotion despite the dance floor sensibilities of the tracks, it creates a duality in her work that captivates us.

Timnah Sommerfeldt has marked herself out as one a genuinely strong selector as her love affair with acetate comes to the fore. Basing her sound around some of the finest house music, she gives the sense of being someone who has been on the controls since the early ’90s, instead it’s apparent that her legitimate love of the music and the vinyl medium have been able to shape this sense of history that dovetail her taste and execution to perfection. One great constant example of this is a monthly live broadcast on Radio Muelgrime she presents with cohort Garçon which streams from their living room in Basel, and is aptly named “Home“. Boasting a string of changing guests, it’s becoming a trusted destination for us to collect some really well curated mixes.

Carefully selected twelves fill the seventy-four minutes with seamless transitions as the vinyl crackles over the groove she so easily builds in this Truancy Volume. It doesn’t just rely on one continuous movement, instead takes turns down some of the different and more enigmatic routes that house music has to offer. To name check just a few who feature on the mix, she opens with The Analogue Cops, hits the middle with the likes of Omar-S & Big Strick and ends on Steffi. It becomes apparent she’s a DJ that can take you on a well-curated tour of her vision of house music, strictly on her own terms. This is one mix of fifty, delve into our past editions and you will see why we love this series.

Truancy Volume 50 Timnah Sommerfeldt by TRUANTS

01. The Analogue Cops 02. Omar S 03. Dj Qu 04. Omar S 05. Unknown Artist 06. Jus-Ed 07. Virgo 08. Jitterbug 09. Marieu 10. Big Strick 11. Rau 12. Orlando B 13. Inner Soul 14. G. Man 15. Steffi