Recommended: Two Dogs In A House – Eliminator

After two years away from the label, Ron Morelli and Jason Letkiewicz return to L.I.E.S. as Two Dogs In A House bringing with them two strung out live jams, which expand and contract over nearly thirty minutes. Each side is well over ten minutes long with the intention being, as Ron puts it, to create “more complex beat tracks”. Whenever this duo gets together the results tend to be house-centric, but this time around the final product is more of a sonic workout complete with post-workout exhaustion. The record in question is called “Eliminator”, which is a fitting title as this is sure to weed out anyone that cannot handle slightly abstract beats.

The A-side, “Eliminator”, is layered in fuzz creating a sound all to familiar to the dreaded loose grounding on a turntable. Complimenting its initial roughness are eerie synth pads, think The Twilight Zone meets Chicago house. Both of the parts are the basis for this 15-minute epic; on top of that the duo tweak, modulate and add a wide array of dissonant sounds to their heart’s content. Somewhere between the rattling kick drums and noise it hits a rhythmic stride that the heads will get down to. On the flip is “Eliminator II”, a track that is in the same camp as its predecessor though slightly more tortured. Twisted and harsh acid lines are delayed thrown on top each other in a similar fashion to chords; it’s unusual and welcoming. For all of its quirks and layers, the track still retains a simplicity that makes it danceable to those party goers that keep an open mind. Spanning at least two decades of music Morelli and Letkiewicz have crafted a pair of tunes that shove genres to the curb and instead focus on elements they find interesting along with what works on dancefloors. A final quote from the L.I.E.S. head honcho just about sums this release up: “These tracks are not for individuals who are concerned with the limitations of structured music but for those willing to engage in willful sonic pain”.

Stream: Two Dogs In A House – Eliminator (L.I.E.S.)

Two Dogs In A House’s Eliminator is available now on L.I.E.S.

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