Recommended: Timbah – Can’t Love Without You EP

In the revivalist quagmire we’re all stewing in, hearing something as crispy fresh as Timbah’s “Can’t Live Without You” EP is like being served a plate full of tropical fruit after a decade of microwaved Supernoodles. Love it or hate it, “maximalism” is here to stay. In the quest for the elusive sound of the new, it’s not surprising that producers are recruiting ever more genres in their compositions. The struggle for originality might have lead to tracks that seem to be simply a uncoordinated barrage of noise, but thankfully there are producers like Timbah who can juggle multiple vibes with flair. Be prepared to hear Rustie mentioned with reference to Timbah, as this young producer is going for the same organized chaos as everyone’s new favourite Scot. And as with Rustie, Timbah’s tracks are a delight to hear, because the brilliance of balancing genres without sacrificing good old fashioned fun will never get old.

The neo-soul vibes and distorted vocals of the title track might sound a little obvious at first, but then we get some exciting (and thoroughly purple) bells and whistles in the form of a thrilling synth melody or seven, and before you know it the whole track has exploded into a sonic feast worth taste-testing. And that’s just for starters: “Eski Hugz” is a mad headnodder, with cascades of vocal samples and clever percussion to get your feet shuffling. As for the remix of grime vowel-chewer Walter Ego’s “Level I’m On”, what an absolute beast! We won’t spoil it for you, suffice to say there are some twists and turns that will have you switching between bass screwfaces and big, big smiles.
Timbah – Can’t Love Without You EP Preview by Bad Taste Records UK

This seriously impressive release from Bad Taste Records is available on Juno and Boomkat right this very second. What are you waiting for?

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