Recommended: The Nathaniel X Project – The Resurrxion EP

As you might have noticed, the classic sound that defined 90s house is finally back. Or rather, it never really left and just crawled deep underground choosing to resurface at this point in time.  Over the last few years we have been treated to this resurgence with new artists and labels paying homage to their past and pressing up uncompromising deep house.  There are a decent amount of labels consistently pumping out quality records, but one that burns just a little bit brighter is My Love Is Underground.

Based in France and run by a guy called Jeremy ‘Underground Paris’, this label embodies the DIY attitude of the early 90s; there are no official release dates (they just pop up), hand stamped, and often sold directly from and shipped by him.  If you are a fan of organ chords, deep basslines, and unpolished house in general it is definitely worth keeping your ear to the ground for these releases.  This is sort of like an EBM to the house heads to let you guys know that a re-issue of their first release, from The Nathaniel X Project, is due out sometime this month.  Nathaniel X aka James Tinsley is responsible for quite a few deep house gems made during the late 80s and 90s and is coming back with some heat on this record.  Tracks such as “Gotta Get Over 2010” act as a manifesto of sorts with a two minute monologue describing what has happened to the scene over the last decade and letting the world know they plan on bringing it back.  Each of the four the tracks ooze soul and warmth that jumps at you making it near impossible to not move your body.  This is the absolute essence of house music and one people will definitely be fighting to get their hands on (check the Discogs prices).  Words really cannot do the music justice so check MLIU’s Youtube page for clips of the “The Resurrxion EP” and keep an eye out for this and more from Jeremy this year.

MLIU10 The Nathaniel X Project – The Resurrxion E.P. (Remastered) by Underground Paris

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