Recommended: Teeth / Desto – Vibrate / Remember

If you’ve been keeping up on your news you’ll know that Teeth and Desto, Finland’s premier purveyors of all things heavy, recently announced the launch of a new imprint called Signal Life. Apparently the label’s primary focus will be split 12″s, with the two co-creators teaming up for the first release to kick things off in style. Both producers have turned heads over the past year for their contributions to the increasingly hard to classify bass scene – Teeth for his gritty, percussive stylings and Desto for his stark, atmospheric bangers. Although they haven’t collaborated on any previous projects, their offerings on this inaugural release work together remarkably well, leaving us eager to hear what’s in store from the newly minted label.

Teeth’s A-side “Vibrate” is a thick, club ready cut that reminds us of his fantastic CNT / Lowcut Champagne release last summer on Noppa Records (which has also been home to a couple of releases from Desto). Flaunting a massive bass line that you can feel in your small intestine, this is a visceral track that grinds and flexes its way through a brooding, monochromatic landscape. The warm synth stabs and dubbed background vocal sample infuse a bit of sensuality into the track, softening the edges for those who may not be fully prepared for the potency of a straight-up serving.

Stream: Teeth – Vibrate (Signal Life)

On the B-side, Desto’s “Remember” is a twisted slice of bass that’s sure to appease fans of his previous releases. This time around the Finnish producer veers off in a more percussion-heavy direction than we’ve heard previously, adding some persistent hi hats and claps to the stuttering trap snares he perfected on his fresh No Sleep EP on Amsterdam’s Rwina Records. Between the slurred vocal sample and the smattering of pitched percussive elements folded into the mix, the track sounds a lot like some of Pelican Fly’s recent output, but filtered through Desto’s unique, deep space lens. As of right now, Vibrate / Remember is only available as a 12″ (with some of the coolest sleeve art you’ll see all year!), so all of you digital junkies better hope you have a friend who can rip the vinyl for you!

Stream: Desto – Remember (Signal Life)

Teeth / Desto – Vibrate / Remember (Signal Life) is out now on vinyl.

Sam Billetdeaux