Recommended: Primitive World – Danceteria EP

Despite the title, the “Danceteria EP” is a record you likely wouldn’t have heard at the legendary New York night club, a bastion of both New and No Wave. However, Primitive World’s debut 12-inch possesses many off-kilter sensibilities that its regulars would have appreciated. This slab of vinyl arrives via Black Acre, the most recent home of producers like Hyetal, Fantastic Mr. Fox, and Loops Haunt. As a label known for inhabiting the murkiest corners of the dancefloor, Danceteria’s atypical approach to the 4×4 formula is right at home.

Stream: Primitive World – Danceteria (Black Acre)

The title track successfully plows ahead on just a handful of elements: hoovering bass, clattering kicks, a slo-mo vocal, and some errant cowbells. While sparse, every bit of “Danceteria” is uniquely askew until it’s slowly overcome by its own bassline. The first B-side “Run Interference” is the most daring cut on the record as the vocal sample at its heart sounds like Steve Reich’s seminal “It’s Gonna Rain” by way of Marshall Jefferson’s House anthem “Move Your Body“. Throw in pops, hisses, plus chiming clocks on top of tight percussion and this is the only proof we need that you can get down to sound collage. B2, “Cotopaxi“, is the least cerebral of the bunch, but nonetheless a solid cut of robust UK Techno. Alongside the crackling electro bits floating above its underwater bass you can even detect a cheeky hint of cellphone interference slipped into the mix. In a world full of white labels and masked producers it’s refreshing to think that Primitive World’s current anonymity is due to lack of exposure and not a PR gambit for cool points. Black Acre must have some serious faith in this newcomer and so should the rest of us!

Stream: Primitive World – Run Interference (Black Acre)

Primitive World’s Danceteria EP is available now on Black Acre.

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