Recommended: Ooko – Sex Sells EP

Nottingham based Mimm might still be in it’s infancy when it comes to releasing music as a record label but they’ve been steadily grinding hard through other means for a while now. Located in the heart of Hockley, their resume includes putting on numerous music events, art exhibitions and pushing their own unique style of clothing brand. In terms of past releases, Mimm put out a free compilation in 2011 featuring eight tracks from eight different producers including fledging talents Epworth, Illmana and Ooko. This then progressed into the first official release from the now London based Toyc with a follow-up from Spam Chop. Making things interesting for the buyer, Mimm issued limited edition t-shirts and jumpers with each release, something the fashionable among us may appreciate. Their third proper release sees Bristol-based Ooko step up to the table with his “Sex Sells” EP. Despite being a fresh name, his skills as a producer span back a number of years now, having made deep and atmospheric dubstep under the guise Instinct. It seems like a common occurrence nowadays for existing producers to change up their sound but Ooko has managed the transition extremely well.

The EP kicks of with “Downtown” which uses a mixture of jungle influenced breaks, the fitting pitched ‘downtown’ vocal sample and tautly rendered bass surges, which come together for a well produced, dramatic arrangement. Things break down in the middle for for a synth-tinged breather before things erupt again. The title track “Sex Sells” changes the pace slightly, bringing the tempo right down to the gradual 115 beats per minute. Despite the slow groove, the track manages to use it’s intricate set of percussion and samples to heighten the atmosphere and sensual vocals that linger throughout the track. My Nu Leng, a duo based between London and Bristol get called upon for remix duties on the release. The pair have slowly garnered a small but growing fan base in the last four months with the likes of their “Fireflies” EP and and a release on Mindstep Music. They take “Sex Sells” and revamp it into a more technically charged delivery whilst bringing the tempo right up to a more frenzied pace. Ooko provides us with a brilliant debut and an interesting look for things to come.

Stream: Ooko – Sex Sells EP (MIMM Recordings)

Ooko – Sex Sells EP is out now to buy digitally and vinyl on MIMM Recordings.


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