Recommended: Nyra – Configure 8 EP

If you’ve lived in London at any time in the last ten years there’s a high chance that you’ve attended or at least heard of one of Secretsundaze’s famous Sunday Parties. However, even if initially and mainly based in London the rest of the world is not excused about not knowing about Secretsundaze. Founded in 2002 by Giles Smith and James Priestley, the duo have taken their infectious atmospheres and memorable parties across the globe and back at a host of dream locations such as New York, Ibiza, Spain and  Austria. As they continued to establish themselves as one of London’s most promising party starters the foray into launching a label was only a logical step forward. Starting things off slowly and selectively with a series of mix CD’s and the occasional 12″, the label went on a three year hiatus before starting up again in 2011. This relaunch has taken form as steady stream of singles from artists such as Brawther, Two Armadillos, Ethyl and Flori, with their most recent release coming from a young fledgling named Nyra.

Hailing from Sheffield in the UK, Nyra is not new to the game in terms of releases, having put out a handful of records on labels such as Shlomi Aber’s Be As One Imprint and the recently inaugurated Never Leant. Whilst these previous efforts advanced between uplifting house grooves and thick jacking rhythms he’s taken a more subdued approach with his Secretsundaze release.  Title track “Configure 8” pushes sleek synth licks, whilst injecting a sparse but prominent bass melody over the course of seven minutes. It’s a beautifully stripped back affair that pushes Nyra’s production capabilities deep into the realms of atmospheric techno. On the B side “Three Form” takes on a similar approach but the use of quick time, shuffling rim shots amidst a backdrop of brooding textures create a much faster perceived tempo despite being slower than it’s counterpart. Fresh off the press with an album on Ostgut Ton, sound guru Tobias Freund provides a remix of “Configure 8”. The constant pummelling low end of the track is the highlight, which remains constant fixture throughout the track whilst gradually evolving. This is proper big room business that should sound magnificent on a system.

Stream: Nyra – Configure EP (Secretsundaze) 


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