Recommended: KaraKara – Yet Another EP

Another week, another Irish producer making bleepy, buzzy electronica. Following in the footsteps of acts like Faws and Orquestra, KaraKara has caught our attention with his third release, the knowingly titled “Yet Another EP”. His track titles alone attract your attention – previous EPs “I Can’t Use Decks” and “My Laptop Just Broke” include such numbers as “I Released This Track Ages Ago”, “Captain Daddy Issues” and “Namin’ Tracks Is Hard” among others, and “Yet Another EP” is no different. Opener “All The Cool Kids Are Doing It” slams at a languid 80bpm, with swung beats and skippy strings, not to mention the chopped and spliced vocal that is the signature of the EP. Driven by a buzzing Italo-style chug, it glistens and shines at some points, it grunts at others. It closes with an organic wave of strings that perfectly complement the dial-up screeches threaded throughout the piece. “First And A Half Base” uses the same computerised sound over a gurgling bassline at 100bpm, while – wait for it – “DJ Microsoft Encarta” takes a single harmonised vocal line dancing hollow marimba-like synths at a fresh jaunt. “Yet Another Title Track” is the darkest of the four, as an intermittent screech and a buzz-saw snarl drive this one – albeit back down at 78bpm. Thuds and throbs, squawks and wails, it’s the nightmarish counterpoint to the digital dream-like tracks that precede it. It shows that KaraKara can mine more than one area for his sonic experiments. We’ll be watching closely from now on.

Aidan Hanratty

Dublin ...