Recommended: Guy Andrews – The Wait / Hands In Mine

Guy Andrews, Brighton-based producer, Truancy Volume contributor and generally funny guy has had a pretty good twelve months. Following on from “Your Notion” and “Textures”/”Shades” last year, his releases for Discobelle and Hemlock respectively, not to mention appearances on Resident Advisor podcasts and any other number of popular online mix series, he’s been courted by Scuba’s Hotflush imprint which is undoubtedly one of the labels of the moment. Following the mellifluous tones of “Your Notion” and the percussive insistence of his Hemlock release, it’s no surprise to see Andrews follow suit and progress with “The Wait”/”Hands In Mine”.

“The Wait” is a big track. Big kicks, big synths, big riffs, it’s one for the clubs. It heaves with rattling percussion and chunky riffs that sound like a nuclear reactor in overdrive. If you’re familiar with Scuba’s “Personality” LP then this track will make perfect sense for the label at this point in time – booming, chunky techno that kicks you in the face and demands your attention. There’s a series of echoing tripleted clanks that call to mind “Mercy”, but while that track kicks hard and keeps kicking, this one builds to deafening heights before folding in on itself and disappearing into the night.

“Hands In Mine” is less immediate – it’s deeper, darker and yet more evocative. Fusing Guy’s signature overactive percussion sounds with quaking repeated synths and more delicate atmospherics, it features hazy washes that float over beatless yet subtly percussive sections. It’s his use of non-club-standard drums that sets Andrews apart, lending his tracks an organic quality that bring true heart to each production. This track in particular recalls his work under the Iambic moniker, an ambient project that connects the dots between the acoustic and electronic worlds. Similarly, “Hands In Mine” bangs hard but draws deep to pull at your emotions. It’s a perfect counterpoint to the brash techno workout on the single’s A-side.

Guy Andrews – The Wait / Hands In Mine (HFT022) by Hotflush

Guy Andrews – The Wait/Hands In Mine is out on Hotflush on May 28.

Aidan Hanratty

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