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We’re always excited for new FaltyDL, and considering he has an album on the way for Ninja Tune the timing is just right for a new record. Last year he impressed us with the exploration and slinky garage tendencies of his sophomore album “We Stand Uncertain” as well as his outings on Swamp 81 via his “Mean Streets” series. When describing the influences on that album, he cited rave music as one of the heavier and it sounds like he will continue to draw from that era in the foreseeable future. Continuing in this vein his latest release, “Hardcourage”, doesn’t just take inspiration from the sounds of that period but it snatches elements directly out of it. In what may be his most dance floor orientated release yet, Lustman is more focused and straightforward than ever before crafting swinging beats that are sure to turn some heads.

Stream: FaltyDL – Hardcourage (Ninja Tune)

The title track “Hardcourage” demonstrates how much a straight shooter he can be. Just around 120 BPM it quickly lures you in with two simple parts: a four to the floor kick and those characteristically FaltyDL loose hi-hats. That same driving and absorbing feeling is carried over when he introduces the track as whole complete with a wide reese bass and sample stabs drawn from the golden age of house and rave. It’s impressive to hear how effortlessly he combines parts from so many types of music that that are divisive and separate now. Our favorite of the two is “Our House Stab” – it sounds like retrospective New York music and at the same time something sent from 10 or 15 years in the future. All of this is wrapped in the rave blanket we mentioned earlier, creating a unique and slightly chaotic house record suitable for any DJ looking for a strong across the floor reaction. Rumbling low-end and irresistible stab solos (basically the equivalent to a guitar solos) make this exactly the type of melodic track we expect from FaltyDL. This entire record is clearly a tease of what’s coming on the new album and all we know is Q1 of 2013 can’t come fast enough. Anyone with their finger on the pulse will sprinkle these two on their dance floors every so often.

Stream: FaltyDL – Our House Stab (Ninja Tune)

FaltyDL’s Hardcourage is available now on Ninja Tune.

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