Recommended: Deniro Farrar – DESTINY.Altered

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The latest release from South Carolina native Deniro Farrar flew under the radar a few months ago, and we’re not really sure why. Produced entirely by bandcamp rap heavy hitters like SKYWLKR, who is known for his excellent work on Danny Brown’s “XXX”, plus features from Shady Blaze and G-Side’s 2Lettaz, there is a lot to love about this twenty-two track album “DESTINY.Altered”.

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Subject matter ranging from dark suicide raps to the early morning pursuit of females, all backed up by a wide range of hazey production. “Dyingtoseeanotherday”, one of the many highlights, features a trance sampled beat, and kill-your-spirit lyrics. “So I fire up a cigarette/ God show me my purpose/ Before I blow my brains out, and let my thoughts surface/ Is it worth it?” The dreamy, subtler “Time Zone88” could have been a perfect album intro if the great album opener wasn’t already there. The album ends on a strong note with “Wander With Me”, a somber track about the state of things, but with a positive message about keeping your head up and making it happen for yourself instead of waiting. Deniro manages to handle it well, and avoids cheese and preachy trappings that would be easy to fall into with that topic.

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Despite all these chef’s in the kitchen, and the massive amount of content (An hour and nine minutes of runtime!) “DESTINY.altered” still manages to be a very cohesive product. Chalk that up to the focus, drive, and raw talent of Deniro Farrar. Definitely one to watch closer going forward.

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