Recommend: Arttu – Set You Free EP

Since launching 4lux all the way back in 2003, Dutch producer Gerd has provided a home for a host of talented artists such as Erdbeerschnitzel, Iron Curtis and Nicholas to many more. Remaining a prolific figure under a series of aliases throughout a career that spans 22 years, it’s easy to see how Gerd’s ears have become so natural in selecting and promoting such wonderful music. The newest release on 4lux which comes courtesy of Arttu only cements this even further. Whilst Arttu might seem like a relatively new producer having only released his debut record last year, he in fact has been releasing music and building what can only be described as a respectable back catalogue since 2002 under the alias Lump. Since releasing his debut as Arttu on Blacktrane and Soulphiction’s Philpot records, the man has gone on to spread his killer and jackin’ cuts to other renowned record labels such as Royal Oak and Liebe Detail Spezial. His newest released titled ‘Set You Free’ sees Arttu returning for his second outing on 4lux which comprises of three originals and a remix by the one and only Basic Soul Unit.

Title track “I Set You Free” uses repeated vocal cuts appropriately phrasing the tracks name to carry the track forward, whilst a processed piano melody accompanies the hard hitting drums and bassline. If you’re looking for some straight up four by four business then this track should satisfy all your urges. We lied when we said there are three originals on the release as two of the tracks are two different versions of one track, but moving on to the next track on the release  titled “Summin Bout Drums” shows that it makes for an OK lie. Whilst the original version takes on a more elegant and simmering offering, the Angry Mix tightens things up on the production and opts for a beefier set of kicks, snares and stronger hitting synth stabs. Both will get a crowd moving but the option of how makes for an interesting mid set decision. Whilst we wouldn’t want to call the Basic Soul Unit remix the highlight of the release, it definitely stands out on it’s own against the others. Even when the track is brought down to the very core of just a four by four kickdrum and a superb acid tinged lead do you realise how amazing this man’s production skills are. Amazingly crisp and refined to the point, very much like the rest of the EP.

Stream: Arttu – Set You Free EP (4lux Records)

Arttu’s Set You Free EP is out now to buy on 4lux Records. 


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