Preview: Sugardaddy – How Long (Iron Galaxy Remixes)

A few months ago we introduced you to Adam Hodgins aka Iron Galaxy through his sensual late night tune “Attention Seeker” (which, on a side note, is forthcoming on Audio Culture).  We’re huge fans of the way he pairs some of the warmest bass tones with the simplest of vocals. Knowing that you can imagine our joy when the clips of his first two remixes reached our ears; the original track in question is “How Long” by Sugardaddy, who happens to be Tom Findlay of Groove Armada; yeah, that Tom. The original is one of many yacht rock tracks Findlay’s covered from the ’70s and ’80s; this one’s from Ace. However, Adam’s cover brings the track into more familiar territory, to slow and luscious deep house.

Stream: SugardaddyHow Long (Iron Galaxy Remix) (Forthcoming LateNightTales)

The first and original remix is a bit heavy on the pads, in a good way, and provides the backing for all the movement in the low-end, which occasionally opens up in terms of frequency. It’s also the only remix that actually contains significant amounts of the original. This remix also brings to mind some of Recondite’s recent work, albeit a tad bit aggressive for Recondite. Now, number two takes more of an one-shot approach rather than relying on the movement of pads to further the track. Within the first ten seconds you can hear the difference, thanks to the NYC style stabs: hence the name “Iron Galaxy’s NYC Remix”. He also includes a bit of those smooth acid-like elements of the first remix as well as some of those arpeggiating polyrhythms we’re so fond of. Seriously, if you don’t have your eyes on Iron galaxy yet we will personally come to your place of residence to help you rinse out your ears. These are two solid remixes, which pick up exactly where expected.

Stream: Sugardaddy – How Long (Iron Galaxy’s NYC Remix) (Forthcoming LateNightTales)

Sugardaddy’s “How Long” is available June 18th on LateNightTales.

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