Preview: Lando Kal – Rhythm Sektion / Inquisition

Berlin-based producer Lando Kal may be best known for his work as half of future blappin’ duo Lazer Sword, but over the past couple of years he’s been busy amassing an impressive body of solo work – including releases on Numbers and Rush Hour and remixes for artists like Sepalcure, Hovatron, Salva, and Doc Daneeka. Lando reached new heights last year with his highly acclaimed Further / Time Out 12″ on Hotflush Recordings, and he’s found a home once again on the venerable London-based label for his new single Rhythm Sektion / Inquisition, out next Monday. Bridging the gaps between Detroit, Chicago, and Berlin, this release offers two compelling tracks primed for dancefloor wreckage.

“Rhythm Sektion” is a moody, nocturnal production that gives off some serious warehouse rave vibes. The track’s title is an overt nod to the early 90s breakbeat/hardcore group Rhythm Section, and Lando also pays homage to the 4-member production outfit with samples from their 1991 classic “Comin’ On Strong” that he’s manipulated to give the track a feeling of upward expansion. A rude, industrial-tinged bass line plays the lead role in what is otherwise a pretty stark track, melodically speaking. Between the driving 4×4 kick pattern, the loud hiss of the hi-hat, and the 909 claps, this track evokes the rough-around-the-edges quality that we love about classic Detroit and Chicago productions. B-side “Inquisition” hits a different sweet spot than “Rhythm Sektion,” but it’s an audacious, imaginative, and intriguing production that shows Lando’s ability to move effortlessly between styles. The mercurial track opens with slightly off-rhythm bass stabs, leaving the track with a subtle sense of unevenness that’s amplified by layers of erratic drum syncopations and sound effects. This one really comes into its own around the halfway mark with the introduction of an eerie 4 note melody that gets under your skin, while hushed vocal samples add another dash of edginess that keeps you from getting too comfortable. Overall this is a fresh, inspired new release from an artist that’s really hitting his stride. Check out the sample clips below, and start next week off right by picking up a copy of the release!

Lando Kal – Rhythm Sektion/Inquisition (HFT021) by Hotflush

Lando Kal – Rhythm Sektion / Inquisition (Hotflush Recordings) is out April 2.

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