Mixes: Truancy Volume Trinity

As we’re reaching the landmark of bringing you over thirty Truancy Volumes we thought it would only be fitting to make it a 3 volume extravaganza, bringing you some of the finest mixes to date! For the 30th it could only be one name for us, none other than the incredible Grown Folk, who also featured on our treasured Truancy Compilation. Following this are the eccentric and engaging Picture Plane and the grime obsessed talent and much loved Total. Trust, read and listen on as this post is sure to keep you sweet for a while!

TRUANCY VOLUME 30: GROWN FOLK For the first of three Truancy Volumes we have for you today, we’re proud to announce a Montreal duo who you should all know the name of by now, having contributed the amazing ‘Steady Moving’ to the first Truancy Compilation and a recently released debut EP on the ever growing Templar Sound, that’s got everyone from Teki Latex to Jacques Greene all hot and bothered. As well as amazing producers in their own right Grown Folk have also proved themselves as able DJ’s through a series of mix collections on their Soundcloud, so a Truancy Volume from them only felt natural. Straight off the bat, the first transition from Clams Casino’s I’m God to Lunice’s Hitmanes Anthem might possibly be the best transition we’ve heard all year. A transition that makes you want to give up djing. The word sublime only does it half justice. When you’re left slack jawed at just the very first two tracks you know you’re in for something a little special. Grown Folk deliver on all expectations, wrapping up a superb mix at just over an hour, spanning the likes of unreleased tracks from themselves, Skanky and Prince Club, as well as much loved tracks from Koreless, Ollie Macfarlane, Canblaster and Jacques Greene. The only downside we can think of about this mix is that eventually comes to an end but Grown Folk finish as good as they start, leading you out with the anthemic sounds of I’m On One. The mix then finishes and at that point, we just press play again.

1 – Clams Casino – I’m God (CDR)
2 – Lunice – Hitmane’s Anthem (LuckyMe)
3- Richelle – Mascotte (Mr Tweeks Remix) (Pelican Fly)
4 – Canblaster – Triple Ring (Night Shifters)
5 – Grown Folk – V.V.S. (Very, Very Slightly) (Chaos in the CBD Remix)(Templar Sound)
6 – Grown Folk – Give It (To You) (Unreleased)
7 – Prince Club – Utopia (Unreleased)
8 – KMA Productions – The Original Fear (KMA)
9 – Ben Westbeech – Falling (Deetron Acid Dub) (Strictly Rhythm)
10 – Adele – Rolling in the Deep (Citizen Remix) (CDR)
11 – BNJMN – Blocks (Rush Hour)
12 – Grown Folk – Droptop (Unreleased)
13 – Motor City Drum Ensemble – Raw Cuts #5 (Rush Hour)
14 – Kink – Leko (Burek Croatia)
15 – Federico Molinari – Chucking Express (Rozzo Remix) (Love Letters From Oslo)
16 – Hot Natured – Forward Motion (Hot Creations)
17 – Roska – Error Code (Hot Flush)
18 – Grown Folk – U Know The TIme (Unreleased)
19 – Katy B – Broken Record (Jacques Greene Remix) (Rinse)
20 – Koreless – MTI (Pictures)
21 – Skanky – ??? (Templar Sound)
22 – The-Dream, Kelly Rowland, Lil Wayne – Motivation (Grown Folk Bootleg) (CDR)
23 – Ollie Macfarlane – Someone warm (Get Flavor)
24 – Drake, Rick Ross, Lil Wayne – I’m On One (We The Best/Cash Money)

TRUANCY VOLUME 31: PICTUREPLANE The thirty-first Truancy Volume comes from Travis Egedy, better known for his work as Pictureplane. The Denver-based artist has always been infamous for his eclectic style and variety in taste, and his delivery for this volume is another example of his chameleon-like comfort in style-hopping from one genre to the next. Egedy has given us an authentic mixtape feeling in the realest sense of the word, as it truly is a compilation of an artist’s heartfelt picks, not being limited by the different genres they all might be treading on. Even if you can’t keep up with the audial shifting that’s going on, the energy and atmosphere is sure to get through to you. It’s all over the place and aggressive, and that’s just how he likes it. From pitch shifted Madonna into deep house, classic vogue house into electro cumber riddims and 8-bit Lady Gaga, this Truancy Volume is sure to get you moving in one way or another.


TRUANCY VOLUME 32: TOTAL Our third volume of this trinity of releases and our 32nd overall comes from Daniel Docherty aka Total, an up and coming DJ who has been holding down a regular slot on the Nasty FM station for some time now. His mixes always excite and draw upon some of the finest areas of club music and this offering is no different. In fact, it extenuates his love of the various genres that find prominence today. It’s a real gold mine of favourites new and old but still finds time to get a hold of the hidden gems of each scene. A known grime head Total often ties the mix back to grime and becomes ever so personal with each time. With appearances of the likes of Dizzee, Trim and Kano the smiles get ever larger. But perhaps the biggest smile is saved for last with the mix culminates in the everlasting classic ‘Life’s A Bitch’ by Nas, a terrific end to a volume that really charts a person’s past and ongoing loves to the new and current. Before you take a listen to the volume, we recommend you take a look at the Q&A and gain a sense of the person and background that contributed to mix.

Hello Daniel! Could you give us a brief introduction for those who may not have heard of you? Hola. I’m 20 years young, #based in SW London, I love fried chicken, despise male Drake fans and occasionally play songs to an audience when booked for £250 (hold tight H).

When did you start DJ’ing? And what about your radio show on Nasty FM, how did that begin? Well I started messing around on Technics with other people’s records at my local youth club when I was 11, but there was about 15 of us in one small room so we never got to play more than one track each which sucked. Later that year, the place got broken into and the decks got stolen and were never replaced so from then onwards I spent the next few months begging my parents to buy me some for my 12th birthday, which word to my pops, they did. By this point I owned quite a lot of hip-hop records which despite my best efforts (for all of a few months) I could never get the hang of mixing them the way I wanted to, it seemed just as I was about to neglect them and go patrol the ends on my BMX like the rest of my friends did.  I then got into garage through my friend’s older brother after being passed some DJ EZ sets and “Execute” & “They Don’t Know” by Oxide & Neutrino and So Solid Crew, respectively. From there I never looked back and continued to buy records till the present day.

I’ve only took DJ’ing outside my room the last two years or so, after being hooked up a slot at a local nightclub from which I’m now running a night at in the near future. As for Nasty FM it was quite simple: Exo Remedy, whom I knew from when he’d send me tracks to play on my old radio show (big up the Melody One crew) co-runs the station, told me about the station over the phone one night and asked me if I’d like to get involved. I said yes. The station has come a long way in a short space of time and management have some great plans for the future, I’m proud to be a part of it.

How did the Truancy mix come about? Well, I got talking to Immy earlier in the year through a certain short friend of mine, she listened to a few of my mixes/shows and asked me if I’d like to do one. This was back in March I believe but I only got around to recording this a few weeks back, so yeah here it is.

Was there anything you wanted to achieve with this mix, it seems to have a real direction given the length of it? I like all my mixes to have a beginning, middle and end, a story if you will. It starts off with a mixture of downcast/uplifting songs which go hand in hand for me (in a weird way), into more of the danceable stuff then I slow it down a touch towards the end. Its pretty much what I’d playing a club.

Where do you think the perfect setting to listen to this mix is? I’ve spent 10 minutes toying with serious and joke answers to no avail, so anywhere will do innit.

Complete this sentence: At heart I’m just a frustrated… Grime MC. For as long as I can remember I’ve referenced everything in life with a grimelyric at any opportunity. I wrote lyrics in the back of English book in Year 9 but never had the heart to spit them. I’ve wasted thousands of postson Grimeforum as to what MCs should do with their careers. I still hope to touch mic one day, so looking out for the mixtape you get me – pow.


1 – Hype Williams – Untitled (Hipppos In Tanks)
2 – Jai Paul – BTSTU (Edit) (XL Recordings)
3 – Unknown – Untitled
4 – Two Inch Punch – Love You Up (White)
5 – Zomby – Natalia’s Song (4AD)
6 – Unknown – Untitled
7 – Burial – Night Bus (Hyperdub)
8 – Dizzee Rascal – Cut ‘Em Off (XL Recordings)
9 – Boards Of Canada – June 9th (Skam)
10 – Jon Convex – Order Into Chaos (3024)
11 – Bok Bok – Charisma Theme (Nightslugs)
12 – Blawan – Getting Me Down (White)
13 – Objekt – Unglued (Objekt)
14 – Artek – She’s A.. (2011 Edit)
15 – Logos – Kowloon
16 – Breach – Fatherless (T – Williams Remix) – (PTN)
17 – Ossie – Set The Tone (Hyperdub)
18 – Pearson Sound – Stifle (Hessle Audio)
19 – Unknown – Sicko Cell (Swamp 81)
20 – TRC – Oo Aa Ee (Royal-T’s I <3 I Garage Mix) (Butterz)
21 – Terror Danjah & Ruby Lee Ryder – Full Attention (Hardrive)
22 – Bok Bok – Silo Pass (Nightslugs)
23 – Toasty – The Knowledge (Hotflush Recordings)
24 – The Bug feat – Killa P & Flow Dan Skeng (Kode9 Remix) (Hyperdub)
25 – Teeth – Frequencies
26 – R1 Ryders – Deep In The Jungle
27 – The Boogaloo Crew – Neon
28 – Trim – Inside Looking Out (Soulfood)
29 – James Blake – Air & Lack Thereof (Hemlock)
30 – Plastician – Japan (Terrorhythm)
31 – Kano – Ghetto Kyote (White)
32 – Nas feat – AZ – Life’s A Bitch (Columbia)