Sunday’s Best Pt. X

With Ice Cube they ain’t no telling. He might have one cocked and loaded, ready to bust. We might do the Sunday’s Best. Then let’s do the Sunday’s Best.  The first tune is an edit by Kingdom of Jim Jones’ “Cinderella“. Jim Jones (not that one) was the is one of the creators of The Diplomats, and I recommend you watch the documentary This Is Jim Jones. Although it’s very interesting, there are a lot of funny dipset metaphors to be found in it. Automatik, the man behind the beats, has produced some other great dipset tracks like Young Hu$tle’s “Fine Night” and is responsible for last year’s hip-hop hit “G.O.A.T.” as well. As opposed to Kingdom’s “Monster” edit, this time Kingdom doesn’t spare anyone. JR Cam’ron & JR Writer are entirely filtered out of the track and the only words left is the almost urgent  exclamation by Jim Jones: ““I need y’all to rewind this and play it from the top!”.

Download: Jim Jones – Go Cinderella (Kingdom Edit) (320 kbps)

David’s Lyre consists of a single person who is not called David, and neither does he play a Lyre – which in case you were wondering, is an ancient stringed instrument with roots in Greco-Roman mythology, and I definitely didn’t have to look that up on Wikipedia either. Don’t you ever say this blog ain’t educational, ya hear? It matters not, however. For the record, David’s Lyre has the earth-name of Paul Dixon but he could release records under the name of Mr Floppy’s Saxamaphone and it wouldn’t make an iota of difference because his music is really rather beautiful, steeped in otherworldly grandeur and bolstered by the artist’s penchant for donning a mysterious black eye mask during performances. Following remixes this year for Everything Everything and Marina & The Diamonds, a five track EP is due for release on 21st March and all signs point towards an act you should probably get acquainted with before he gets all big and festivally in 2011. I’m super excited to present to you this Pearson Sound remix of “In Arms“, a gloriously tripped-out excursion a little off-piste from the Ram’s dubstep roots with a dark, deep housey meld of Dixon’s soaring, somewhat folky vocals (foke-als?) spliced with muted claps and served over a bed of some subtly sexy bass, making for a track that adds yet another string to the shining light of dubstep’s bow…nay, Lyre.

Download: David’s Lyre – In Arms (Pearson Sound Remix) (192 kbps)

Hus Tha KingPin, also (and probably better) known as one half of the NY based duo Tha Connection, has released his solo album Cognac Fruit on Digi Crates Records. “Dearly” is a free track off that LP which blends a great jazzy vibe with a raw but modern kind of broken beat served by producer Drumatic. In Fact, the entire album’s fil rouge seems to be that late 80’s / early 90’s jazz influenced hiphop sound. Reminding me a bit of Digable Planets, Us3 or maybe even -if I may- Gang Starr. You be the judge.

Download: Hus – Dearly (Prod. by Drumatic) (256 kbps)

French producer WHeeL‘s “Alright” sounds like the sort of screams the inside of your computer makes when it doesn’t know what genre to tag your tracks. Or even the inside of my own brain. Painful cries of screeching electricity, classical strings, the word “alright” pitched up and down to a nightmarish degree, indicating that everything is far from alright. Yes it falls into the dubstep bracket, but it’s a lot more intriguing than that now semi-redundant description would have you believe. The track splutters and trips towards a jolting conclusion, before hinting at a straightforward conclusion, only to jumble and confuse listeners by finishing with what sounds like a happily in-time repeated vinyl loop. If that sounds a bit wild, check out his track Deeper, released on the same Snap Records EP. Smooth, liquid, dreamy – this guy clearly can flip it whichever way he likes.

Download: WHeeL – Alright (320 kbps)

After watching this video here every time I see one of L-vis 1990‘s productions from now on, be it through a remix or an original, I’m not going to be able to get the image of his studio out my head. So spacious, so much beautiful gear, such beautiful music. I can just picture him working on this Wildlife! remix at the late hours of the morning, energy drink in hand, ploughing away on Ableton. Now the Wildlife Buck EP has been available for a while so for those who haven’t heard it before I highly recommend checking it out. Bubbly package of dancehall featuring legends such as Sammy Dread and Major Mackerel. Buy the whole EP apart from this L-Vis 1990 remix which we can kindly hand out for free. Also while were on the topic be sure to check out Wildlife’s recent mix for Mixpak. Ces’t tres bon.

Download: Wildlife! – M16 vs. SLR ft. Sammy Dread (L-VIS 1990 Remix) (320 kbps)

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