Sunday’s Best Pt. XVI

Another Sunday brings around another Sunday’s Best, and with it comes some of the finest downloads available selected by the TRUANTS fam. Kev Brown is back with a a brand new free compilation called “Classic Joints”, filled with his own selections, unreleased music and fan favorites. All tracks are produced by Kev Brown this past decade and include some jams featuring Busta Rhymes, Grap Luva and Biz Markie besides his own hip hop collective you might know as Low Budget Crew. If you like the compilation, check out some of his other productions such as The Alexander Green Project featuring Kaimbr, less free but definitely worth a listen. Bonus: win one of the real green tapes via Kev’s blog here.

Download: Marley Marl – What Ruling Means (ft. Kev Brown & Grap Luva) (192 kbps)

Killer Mike, aka Mike Bigga is gearing up to release his hotly anticipated “PL3DGE” ( I Pledge Allegiance to the Grind Pt. III) and let go a great mixtape track this week to celebrate/promote it. Here big mike waxes on the subject of grinding for your dollars instead of paying attention to what your lady friends might be whispering. Get Money > Fuck bitches, get your priorities straight.  The mixtape drops May 6th and is titled “Bang Bang Bang” or “Bangx3” for short with “PL3DGE” coming later, on May 17th.  Grind Time Rap sucker bang bang bang…

Download: Killer Mike – At The Top (Prod. by Lil C) (320 kbps)

Totally going to change my name by deed poll to incorporate the word ‘Star’ to encourage personal success and promote within myself some prodigal musical wizardry – Riva Starr, Tom Staar, Starsmith, erm, Ringo Star…if that wasn’t enough to convince you to join me in renaming yourself Starry McStar Von Starrington, next up joining the sparkling ranks of these celestial beat masters is a certain gentleman peddling his aural wares under the name of Star Slinger. When he’s not belting massive luminous balls of hyrdrogen/helium across the galaxy he can be found belting luminous beats and loops backwards, forwards, skywards, any which way-wards, conjuring a cut-up, crackling, instrumental hip-hop vibe not dissimilar to the glorious sound of The Avalanches circa 2001. Here Mr Slinger, or Darren Williams as his mother might address him if he’s been naughty – takes Gallic synth-power-pop trio Pony Pony Run Run’s “Hey You”, cements it with some cosmic synth lines and shoves it through what I am fairly certain is an astronauts harp (don’t be ridiculous, of course NASA supplies it’s astronauts with harps) to create a dreamy, faintly stuttery slow-mo workout that I know for a fact will be played throughout the Kennedy Space Centre as the shuttle Endeavour is launched later this month. For real.

Download: Pony Pony Run Run – Hey You (Star Slinger remix) (320 kbps)

It’s a few years since New York-based 33hz hooked up with Devin The Dude and Teki Latex for “Paris, Texas”, but they’re back with another remix EP to tickle your senses. You know you’re on to a winner when you’ve got Prins Thomas pumping out 12 minutes of epic Scando-jazz-haus-disco, and Eli Escobar isn’t your favourite DJ’s favourite DJ for nothing. The good people at Dither Down have been so kind as to drop the Trap.Avoid dub of “Under The Sun” for your pleasure. Don’t let the title fool you, this is early-hours emo-disco at its best. Stripped back and overflowing with nervous funk, this is music for the slow set, 2011 style.

Download: 33hz – Under The Sun (Trap.Avoid Remix Dub) (192 kbps)

Sometimes I find it hard to get with an artist because of their name – but sometimes you just gotta power through and forget about these things for the sake of the music. Wav Dwgs are such an act. Two guys from San Fransisco, their “Condensation” EP is a whole lot of soul in some robotically simple blips and bleeps. This is minimal in style, not genre. “Age” consists of one basic stab that ploughs through the track from start to finish. It’s punctuated by rattling percussion and a subdued bassline, not to mention a hypnotic set of synths that evoke beach-side birdsong. Since these sparse yet perfectly arranged sounds speak for themselves, who cares what you call their makers?

Download: Wav Dwgs – Age (320 kbps)

For the pièce de résistance of this Sunday’s Best we present one of the finest full EP’s of this year, and it’s absolutely free. 7 tracks of brilliant beauty. Shankles‘ Gully Foil EP which was released via the Jus Like Music Records imprint in March has been a favourite of many of our staff since its release and it’s about time we handed it some love on here. With fully ranging sounds keeping each song as diverse as the next, it’s a very accomplished record. Here are just a few off the release to wet your appetite, go grab the rest of it over at Shankles bandcamp!

Download: Shankles – Gully Foil (320 kbps)

Download: Shankles – Arcaden (320 kbps)

Download: Shankles – 6, 10, Half The Other (320 kbps)