Recommended: Krampfhaft – Makin’ Magic

Hailing from the label’s homeland, Krampfhaft has been making waves with support from the likes of Mary Anne Hobbs, Om Unit and Daedelus. His newest EP on Rwina Records features 4 tracks, ranging from ostensibly Dubstep-influenced ‘I Needed You’ to the upbeat garage tempo ‘Hyper Dreaming’, through to the heavy rolling crunk-infested ‘Makin’ Magic’ that defies any blanket descriptions as per its genre. This makes for a more refreshing and engaging sound overall too, as there are elements borrowed from various pools of sound. The eponymous 4th track is clearly the stand-out tune on the EP for us, boasting liquid synth lines and breezy metallic percussion jerks, effortlessly cool vocal stylings and slickly intelligent hi-hat, snare and kick programming that punctuates the vocals in a delectably syncopated fashion. It has the air of wealth that enriches each and every second of the track, all the while seducing you with it’s laidback groove and tempting vocals. With only the two releases to his name to date (the last one being “Spit Thunder“), Krampfhaft is still forging his name and honing his craft, but this release has us really excited.

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Mike Deegan Jr