Preview: Gerry Read – We Are / Narry

London’s Gerry Read  has an air of anonymity about him that grows less noticeable by the day. Two impressive EPs in the past few months, Untitled/Legs on Fourth Wave and Roomland on 2nd Drop, that demonstrate a self-assured yet unassuming production style that you’d only expect to hear from veteran producers. This hot streak continues on We Are/Narry, his new EP slated for a mid-November release on Fourth Wave, the promising Ramp Recordings sub-label that launched this summer.

On this outing, Read showcases a particular penchant for slightly off-center house constructions – nodding as much to Detroit’s enchanting soulfulness as Chicago’s raw urgency  – as well as a dialed-in sense of space and dynamics that truly shines. “We Are” is built around a yearning, melancholy vocal sample and a dusty piano loop that swells beautifully throughout the track. Seriously heartwarming and sensual vibes on this one! On the flip side, “Narry” has more of a driving, mechanical energy to it, thanks to a sparse kick and hi-hat rhythm and a bit more emphasis on the low end. Throughout the sprawling seven-minute production, Read cycles smoothly through several diced vocal snippets and plays around with a one-note keyboard groove, giving the minimal track a really nice sense of motion. Despite his age, Read is in top form on this release, and we’re confident that it will bring him the breakout success he’s been working towards. Check out the preview below, and be sure to cop the EP when it comes out!

4TH003 / Gerry Read by Fourth Wave

Sam Billetdeaux