Review: Pinch – Swish / Home Tunnel

The track “Swish” by the highly influential and adept Bristol-bound dubstep producer Rob Ellis, also known as Pinch, came first into hearing after it was featured in his own FACT mixtape and showcased by the likes of Youngsta and other dubstep figureheads through different channels over the last year. The dense track found its way slowly but surely into a few DJ bags here and there, to quickly become an unrivaled dancefloor track for the persons out in the street who still like their twenty-four carat bass. The track is a thundering and saturnine song, and although it lacks diverse melodiousness it certainly isn’t hurting for it – it still holds an astounding musicality and titillating progression throughout the entire track. The drop the track builds up to at the outset is quite a dark one, the entity bringing about a nostalgic vibe, think seven years ago, but also portaging a reviving and interesting listen. The louder the better is the epigraph that applies to “Swish”, and thus the best way to experience the track is definitely to hear it played out. And when you do, you might just drown in it. An enamouring track which still stands strong after all the anticipation and expectancy, something that’s a rare thing these days unfortunately – the exception proving the rule.

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Often made mention of in one breathe with “Swish” is the track “The Boxer” seeing as the two tracks surfaced around the same time and kind of do resemble a certain ‘touch’. However, speculators are going to speculate, and “The Boxer” saw a release on Ellis’ own label Tectonic last September without “Swish” by its side – 40 was the catalogue number and Darqwan (Oris Jay) was responsible for the remix that came with it, try your luck. “Tunnel Home” is the track that is on the flip instead, leaning somewhere in between dubstep and jungle, a tricky combination but Pinch pulls it off habitually. The track comes on strong in 155 beats per minute, a tempo that kind of leans in between the two genres as well, and is able to provide a good contrast to the a-side. It’s slightly lighter than its predecessor and the song is a different experience in itself: it’s more of a track you can listen to from a distance instead of knocking yourself over. The tracks work well together and the atmospheres compliment each other, but they are in itself two gems as well.

Stream: Pinch – Tunnel Home

The release came out through Mala’s imprint Deep Medi Musik, available for digital purchase today whereas the vinyl has been in the good record stores near you for two weeks by now. Quite frankly, we’d been impatiently waiting for this occurrence to (finally) happen and we’re very happy with the outcome; Pinch deserves to be on Deep Medi, and the label deserves to have him contrariwise. They make a strong, dare we say monumental, alliance and the tracks on this release, being the 43th release on the label, certainly live up to what we would’ve expected to come out of this promising joint effort. Two heavy-duty tracks, one timeless release – assuring us that bona fide dubstep wonders will never cease (contrary to popular belief).

Pinch – Swish / Tunnel Home out now on Deep Medi Musik (MEDI043).

Soraya Brouwer

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