Review: Acquiescence / Fake Left – Nocturnal Wave

Acquiescence / Fake Left – “Nocturnal Wave is the first release by the Edinburgh based label iS Records. It saw its release in November of last year and carries with it two exceptional takes on House music which both hold up against each other rather well. Practically no information exists about the two producers, although I have even read in some descriptions that they are in fact same person. That might explain how well the tracks work together, or simply that the people who write snippets for record stores just lie to fill a space.

Acquiescence creates a beautiful eight minute long oddity in “Nocturnal Wave as it takes a left field view of House. Doing away with obvious conventions in similar fashion to artists on FXHE and their ilk. But to say it is purely done in the shadow of those artists is to do a disservice to this magnificent track, as a piece of music it clearly indicates the producer has an expert eye for arrangement, a great grasp of sound and the vision to bring it all together in such a manner. The mechanical sounds sweep round in hypnotising fashion, pulsing with the use of elegant synths and harsh metals. It’s this sharp juxtaposition of sounds which elevates this track above many others, intelligently matched elements create such a overwhelming depth and movement within the piece.

On the other hand Fake Left‘s “Roots In The Sky takes a much heavier stance as this slab of house weaves a dark assault on the listener. The back bone of the track is built upon the gritty bass that powers through relentlessly from the very beginning, letting up only once, driving on accompanied by phantom tones and unrelenting snares. Another defining feature of the track is the disembodied voice arrives at the 2:25 mark with the words “The roots of our being, if you like” sounding very much like an uninvited guest. Its foreboding presence haunts the track, forcing itself to the surface again and again as the track continues. It gives the track a certain control over the audience when coupled with the other dominating elements that can’t be shook. This is most certainly House music for the very darkest rooms.

Acquiescence : Nocturnal wave by iSrecords

Fake Left : Roots in the sky by iSrecords