Sunday’s Best Pt. VII

So it’s Monday again, which means another big batch of releases will be making there way out into the world. One of the EP’s I’m most excited about is the release of Starkey’s Space Traitor Vol 1 EP which could literally pass as a mini LP considering it consists of 6 originals and 6 remixes from Egyptrixx, Kaiser, Rudi Zygadlo, Arp101, +Verb and Ital Tek. We’ve got the Egyptrixx remix to give away today which see’s our friendly Canadian take the opening track “Robot Hands” to its bare bones and building upon it again with some crazy futuristic elements.

Download: Starkey – Robot Hands (Egyptrixx Remix) (320 kbps)

And oh yes, there is more to it. Egyptrixx gave away the third track off his debut album, Chrysalis feat. Maya from the Canadian outfit Trust. A serene and beautiful pop track. For another teaser check the wonderful video for “Start From The Beginning”. Pretty much, be sure to keep an eye out on his debut album “Bible Eyes” dropping in February on Mixpak Records and Night Slugs!

Download: Egyptrixx – Chrysalis Records (feat Trust) (320 kbps)

Aside from the upcoming Starkey EP, one release I have been cheering for is the upcoming one by the King of the South, or Rubberband Man, or let’s just call him by his official name: T.I. His album “No Mercy” is to be released on the 11th through Grand Hustle, little did I know it’s already everywhere. The only track I heard off the album until today was his collaboration with Eminem “All She Wrote” – their first official get-together since 2007. Produced by Dr. Luke who is responsible not only for hella annoying tracks like “Party In The U.S.A.” (although, someone please make a Miley Cyrus Moombahton edit) but also for better tracks such as Ciara’s Fantasy Ride and one of the many Backstreet Boys tracks that will make your teeth fall out, “Never Gone”. Dear lord, you can judge Dr. Luke as much as you want but the beats to “All She Wrote” are epic in the literal sense of the word. I like every aspect of this track, but then the earnestness of the track get thrown out of the window when we reach the point where they start rapping about fast food. But I can forgive that, it’s definitely one of my tracks of the year dare I say besides “Roman’s Revenge” Em’s best work of the year. And then there is “Amazing”, produced by the Neptunes, featuring Pharrell.  I don’t want to waste words on that one, I would describe it as T.I. and The Nepz in shape.

Download: T.I. – All She Wrote ft. Eminem (192 kbps)

Download: T.I. – Amazing ft. Pharrell Williams (192 kbps)

Fire up the jetpack, don your moonboots and your tinfoil spacesuits (as if we need any excuse) and join me aboard an intergalactic sonic saunter with discologists Nightriders, who have taken Human Life’s “Wherever We Are”, slipped it down a gear, shoved some lasers down its neck and deftly spun it into a dreamily shimmering groove. If any track is capable of lifting one from winter woe to a cosmonauts disco in a glittering crater on one of Saturn’s moons, it’s this.

Download: Human Life – Wherever We Are (Nightriders Remix) (320 kbps)

I’ve mentioned this guy before, he’s really been busy making a name for himself in Dublin lately. Frankie Grimes has already been featured in socialite weekly mag The Dubliner and should feature again soon enough, if my sources tell me correctly. So if he’s good enough for two posts in that publication, he can get two shouts here. This time he’s put his stamp on Outlander’s “Vamp”, except he’s only gone and recreated entirely rather than remixing or re-editing it. Lovely, natural-sounding percussion, soft synths, and a spoken-word sample on the perils of hipsterdom. Think what you will of tackling such a famous and iconic track, Frankie’s done something interesting and different with this. Check it.

Download: Outlander – The Vamp (Frankie Grimes’ Hipster Reconstruction) (320 kbps)

Weeeeeeeh weeweh weweweeeeh, wuuuwuuwuu, weewuuuwuuuwuuwuuhh. A couple of weeks ago Taz released the beauty Gold Tooth Grin through Numbers, the self-titled track off the EP rightfully named as Hudmo’s “Fuse” cousin by some people. Who doesn’t love a good synth-line? Who doesn’t love Taz? Who doesn’t love Taz giveaways? Thought so.

Download: Taz – Ligyrophobia

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