Truancy Volume 15: Bad Dancer

Effix de Brogniez, is born and raised in Liège – a place that he whimsically refers to as Los Angeliège. At a young age the likes of Ivan Smagghe, Style of Eye and Felix Da Housecat caught his attention, and after seeing Felix Da Housecat live he knew that DJ’ing was his true vocation. Aged fifteen, he went on a mission and together with his friend François Genot he hit the road and started putting out mixes and productions under the name Bad Dancer (“I’m a bad dancer, so I DJ.”), one remarkable track being their remix for Myd’s Noria and a mix for the Partyharders crew. Effix spent the last years drowning himself in techno music; four years later and now a solo artist, he’s extremely techno-savvy for a person his age. It’s noteworthy that his “techno-vision” is very Europe orientated, supporting artists from Moscow, Berlin, Rome, Paris and the likes – there is no place for Detroit techno soldiers in his world.

And here Bad Dancer is, presenting you Truancy Volume 15: Bad Dancer: a mix that can be described as progressive. Starting out the mix with the new Butch and Julian Jeweil he presents you the core of his musical interests – he perfectly knows how to blend in the deeper and heavy side of techno with the slower and nearly minimal side of it. Opposed to people saying that techno music is boring he holds out a set that’s a little over an hour to proof these poor souls wrong. “Everybody should dance to techno,” is his device. “Techno is the only style that really makes people move.” The included natural highs are certainly a plus too, he adds. We have to agree – when running out of money for anything that lifts us up, we will listen to this mix on full volume. Cheers for the free narcotics, Effix! ?

Truancy Volume 15: Bad Dancer by TRUANTS

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