Truancy Volume 7: Guillaume Berg

Jokes aside, fools! Meet Guillaume Berg. He’s the Paris based promoter and resident DJ of the Jerkin’n’Out parties at Paris Social Club. You might already know Guillaume from his involvement with Fluokids and his film production work for Konbini (he just so happened to be the producer of my favorite Heartsrevolution video). Guillaume has been DJing for around 3 years and sometimes DJs with fellow Fluokid Pharrell Arot under the alias LMMYW. He’s also been currently hard a work producing new tracks for the last four months, but we will have to wait for his tech house style tracks a little due to Guillaume’s perfectionism. For now he’ll keep Parisians dancing with his multicoloured DJ sets, which are mainly based on improvisation. “When I DJ I come with three bags of CDs, and I do what feels right. For me a DJ is someone who can play that massive tune you were waiting for and then surprise you with tracks you’ve never heard and give you a moment of ‘What the fuck, what is that?’ I could play some deep shit and some mainstream stuff, really.” No wonder one of Guillaume’s favourite DJ’s is Brodinski and he likes his crowd out of their minds and open minded – He sounds just like a little Truant!

Monsieur Berg recently supplied the TRUANTS crew with a brand new mixtape entitled TRUANCY VOLUME 7: GUILLAUME BERG (What Ya Know About…). The mixtape is actually his take on the truand (the french word for truant, also means a type of hoodlum). Berg’s approach to making a mixtape is to create a story. Something that has depth and weight, as well as drama injected into the mix. He approached this mix as the soundtrack to a drive on the highway in a car, and he basically describes it as a big road trip from California to Amsterdam accompanied by a clan of dinosaurs with guns. Gangsta house is the key! Considering this G is top if his class with an A+ blog and an amazing party, knowing the mix includes his recent best-loved house and techno tracks, what are you still waiting for? ?

Truancy Volume 7: Guillaume Berg by TRUANTS

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