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Recommended: V/A – mono no aware

“Life hits me hard again” breathes a voice on Malibu’s “Held”, the second track from PAN’s mono no aware. Perhaps it’s sheer coincidence that the label’s ambient compilation arrives at a time of seemingly endless defeat, but with so many hearts hurting in the wake of global upheaval, it’s tempting to conclude that Bill Kouligas […]

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Recommended: Shinichi Atobe – Rebuild Mix 1.2.3.

Recent years have seen plenty of avant-leaning, club-coloured sounds from Japan, with notable examples including Wata Igarashi’s immersive techno, Kyoka’s beat-driven vocal collages, and Keita Sano’s rough-n-ready dancefloor weapons. As such, the sudden return of Shinichi Atobe in 2014 was a timely and welcome one, although whether it was coincidence or otherwise is impossible to […]

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Interview: Elysia Crampton

Elysia Crampton’s Demon City diverges from the bittersweet warmth of previous releases, instead offering up a collection of tense and often unsettling collaborations. Tracks like “Fire Gut”, released under her previous moniker E+E, were overwhelming in their emotional depth – immersive like a salt bath. Meanwhile, 2015’s American Drift was characterised by melancholic synths weaved […]

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