Premiere: D-IX – 144.22 (Long Version)

Three years in and Berlin based label LACKREC have slowly carved themselves a set of 10 quality releases, ranging from an open approach to house, techno and electro. Headed by Claudio Banti, the label has had an assortment of releases from producers such as Jonas Palzer, 7 Citizens and D-IX, all whom make up the LACK family along with DJs Attila and Gian. D-IX — whose solo EP on the label made up LACK 005 back in 2014 — gets set to release his sophomore solo effort by inaugurating the newly found LACK sub-label CX8K 

Made on a Yamaha DX200 and an Elektron Analog Rytm, it sees D-IX working at 140bpm techno for a full assault of dubbed-out techno, with strong influences from Basic Channel’s 1993 Phylyps Trak record. There are two versions of the track “144.22” coming out on the 22nd and we’re able to premiere the almost 10-minute Long Version today in all its full dubbed-out glory. If the sub-label follows suite with the level of quality that LACK has produced over the last three years then it should be able to sit comfortably alongside it as a worthy imprint.

D-IX – CX8K 001 is out on CX8K on March 22, 2016

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