Premiere: Terriers – Believing The Crystal

Dublin duo Terriers have been slowly crafting their sound since first causing ripples in 2013. Last year they dropped House No 9 on Major Problems, which featured a searing remix from Tuff Sherm. Shortly afterwards, it was revealed that they had been the beneficiaries of the tutelage and patronage of Levon Vincent, spending three months under his apprenticeship in Berlin. This chapter in any act’s narrative might prove an albatross – it’s certainly more than just a throwaway titbit – but Terriers have continued to craft elegant yet rugged techno tracks, none more so than “Believing The Crystal”, which we premiere here exclusively.

Appearing on Octagon, the debut release of new Dutch label Rhythm Nation, it’s both solid and nebulous, chunky grooves and washes of extra-terrestrial synth coming together beautifully. A direct yet emotive synth lune clambers to life while disparate elements shake and dance amidst the fog, offering just another taste of their undoubted gifts.

Aidan Hanratty
Aidan Hanratty

Dublin ... @adnhnrt | @Bandcloud

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