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Reviewing Midland’s “Placement” EP I recently mentioned that dirtiest of words – prog. That EP lived and breathed on lengthy chuggers and droning snyth patterns, key elements of that sadly unpopular genre. Another track that follows in a similar vein is Jack Dixon’s remix of Ghosting Season’s “A Muffled Sound Of Voices”. Forthcoming on Sasha’s Last Night On Earth label, the remix sees Dixon continuing down a slower path, as recently explored on his gorgeous track “Stuck On You”. He’s moved away from the broken beats and shuffling patterns of his earlier work towards more open-ended and expansive compositions.

Stream: Ghosting Season – A Muffled Sound (Jack Dixon Remix) (Last Night On Earth)


While the original version of “A Muffled Sound of Voices” combines anxious percussion and of course the titular vocals, Dixon’s remix combines crunchy beats and droning synths with the original track’s haunting atmospherics, albeit ably drowned in the mix. This neatly phrased track almost serves as a counterpoint to Hackman’s “Your Face Pulling My Hair” from last year, which is similarly structured yet ultimately more positive in tone. The package also contains a varied selection of remixes from Luke Abbott, Ed Davenport, Jamie Funk and Bubba (this one is particularly delightful). Alas we must survive on previews alone at present, but this release is one that we’ll be waiting for with pleasure.

Ghosting Season – A Muffled Sound Of Voices feat. Knox by Last Night On Earth

Ghosting Season – A Muffled Sound of Voices ft Knox is out on Last Night On Earth on April 23.

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